10 Most Effective Team Building Activities

10 Most Effective Team Building Activities

10 Most Effective Team Building Activities

Team building games are a fantastic way to connect the team and work together. With such activities, you and your team become more engaged, better acquainted and become more productive. Team building activities in office will help create a close-knit, and a happy team, which can help boost company’s efficiency and self-esteem.

But finding a right team activity can be a challenging task. If not chosen carefully such activities can lead to eye-rolling rather than lovely high fives. So it’s really important to choose the best ones which everyone feels comfortable and safe doing.

Here are 10 most effective team building activities you can take to fuse work and fun together

1. Mine Field

mine field

Can be played indoor if you have the required space or enjoy this team building activity outdoor. Have an area filled with obstacles known as mines. Split various teams in a pair of two. One person of the team will guide the other person (blindfolded) to cross the area without seeing and touching the objects just by following his team member’s instructions.

2. Truth or Lie

truth or lie

In this, each member of the team will tell a truth and a lie about himself to his team members once everyone is done, they start a discussion and try to find out the truth about the statements made by the other member.

3. Keypunch


This is one of the many indoor team building activities, where each participant must touch the randomly placed alphabets or numbers in a sequence within the given timeframe. One can also make multiple attempts if the time permits.

4. Three Legged Race

three legged race

The team is divided into pairs and one leg of each participant is tied to another. The purpose of the game is to run together in coordination and reach the finish line. The pair who reaches the finish line first is declared the winner.

5. All Aboard


The purpose of the game is to physically support the other member of the team to occupy the diminishing space. The pair who manages to cover the diminishing space in the very last is declared the winner.

6. Tug-of-war

tug of war

One of the famous outdoor team building activities, which also reflect the team effort. Two teams containing several players required to pull against each other with a lot of strength, tactics, and proper communication.

7. Office Trivia

office trivia

One of the team building activities in office, which is indeed about the office. The team can be divided into two and a host. The host then asks questions related to office space or equipment or any other questions related office or team to both the team. The team which gives most of the answers correctly wins.

8. Paint Ball


An epic outdoor team building game, which involves physical work and great coordination. In this two teams compete against each other with paintball guns. The team who hit out all members of the other team first wins.

9. Balance a Book

balance a book

A nice indoor team building exercise where two members of the team have to balance a book over their head from point A to Point B and then back. The first team member will carry to point B and the other back to point A. Multiple teams can play and the reaches first wins.

10. Make a Mummy

make a mummy

A funny indoor game, where one member has to stay perfectly still and the other member has to wrap him with tissue roll to look like a perfect mummy within the given time.

Hope these team building activities for work will help you build stronger and happier teams. Such activities also stimulate positive and open communication and bring the team together.