Power of Consciousness

Power of Consciousness

Power of Consciousness

During the course of the day, we all ponder on various issues. These thoughts may be real or not real, but it always hovers our mind. This thought can be related to us, our body or our mind. Thoughts evolves from our mind and then dances in the space of awareness and that make us conscious and automatically, we understand what thoughts are relevant and what are not irrelevant.

Consciousness is the sum total of two of who and what you are. You may define this as your individuality or uniqueness. The core energy which relates to our soul represent this individuality of uniqueness. You will observe the weakest section of the society which are more ignorant, dependent and religious, but at the same time, the intelligent people are mostly arrogant and atheist and do not bother about our benevolence and ethics. Your existence is always beyond money, sex or power. You have to know who you are and also identify the purpose of your life. This purpose of life only gives you fulfillment.

What is your destiny? Destiny is that particular aspect of life with which you are born with genetically, but you can change your destiny and create the same in your favor by your present actions. You can make your future bright or dull and with your past actions, your present will be defined.

Science is advancing in a rocket space. Same is the case with technology. Science and technology make us aware of our ignorance of our own self. A consciousness which remains unaware like wired or stone of its real purpose in life.

The pure consciousness is the real subject and object when they get united altogether. In the case of mind, both are exclusive of each other. In our society, we bring more followers and less leaders. We love to follow, but hate to lead. Why it so? Because to lead, it requires painstaking efforts and we do not want to take that trouble. We always want to take the easy route in our lives, simply to follow others, simply to follow other’s instruction, simply to follow other’s gadgets, other’s routes and simply to follow the same way in which other people lead their lives.

We always feel that our demands, urge, desires, pleasures and accumulations must be fulfilled. To fulfill these, most of the time one tends to forget one’s purpose. But mind can only realize the peacefulness in merging with self consciousness with that of the unified consciousness.

The spirit is a very valuable attribute of your life which will be kept on calling you and telling you to awake and enjoy the blissful and the pleasure of this life. Otherwise, life will remain lonely, sad and discontented. Despite your enormous wealth and power of intelligence, you will remain ignorant and incomplete.

Your illnesses of mind and body are primarily because of your selfishness. Just enjoy the world with equanimity and righteous spiritualism. You have to observe the fulfillment which you deserve. Then only, your spirit will join the grid of unified consciousness. Contrarily, life will remain a joke, if you always show your selfish nature in all your endeavors. You have to curtail your thoughts to reduce the multiplicity of your thought. Thought will only lead to words to language, language to action and action to realization and this realization leads you to accomplishment. This cycle is always repeated. The mind is made of words, language and logic till it dissolves into consciousness. To become aware of any awareness and consciousness, what actions are needed and realization of this action, all happen in your thoughts.

As does our heart beats because of the air surrounding us. Similarly, consciousness gets nourished because of cosmic awareness around us. Consciousness has limitation and it is only restricted to self consciousness. Unless you become aware of yourself, you cannot exist in exclusion of the other.

Self consciousness is defined as three components, i.e. conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious. The role of awareness is to align all these three components into one.

Selfish attitude has a main role to lead a spiritual life. When you give selfishly to the people from whom you do not expect anything in return and you give without any egoistic intention, your attitude will be perceived as selfless. But, your attitude should be recognized by the people. You gain a certain sense of recognition within yourself about the oneness in nature. You must have to observe that our earth which is the Mother Nature gives us all these things needed for our survival without asking anything in return. This exercise of attitude is considered to be supreme in the fulfillment of your consciousness.

  • When consciousness is aware of the mind and its object,
  • When consciousness is in the centre of subject and object,
  • When consciousness is here and now in the moment, There exists mindfulness, a certain balance where you are neither expecting nor being expected of, but just you are witness of the same.

In existence, you are matter, form or body. You are living from moment to moment in self -consciousness. When you become formless in pure consciousness, you dissolve into that absolute presence.

  • In the consciousness of mind, intellectuality awakens.
  • In the subconscious, awareness dissolves.
  • In the unconscious, spirit awakens.

When we think for one moment from another, we have to live to the one moment to the next and this is the fundamental principle of the reality of the external now. When you witness yourself, it means that you observe the whole mystery of life.

  • The soul, neither exists nor dies.
  • The soul is neither your body nor mind
  • The soul can neither be created nor destroyed.
  • The soul is that link between your body and mind.
  • Sour forever dances in awareness.

It is very difficult for a person to control his conscious with all the prevailing conditions, concepts and choices. He forgets his real self in favor of his false self.

In our materialistic world where the greed is dominated, always provokes us to call for more comfort, more luxury, more enjoyment and more relaxation. It is very difficult to have a control on consciousness. The mater must precede life. In the spiritual world, it is just opposite consciousness must proceed the matter.

Science evolves in reductionism. The universe evolves in expansion. Humanity evolves in randomness and thought enjoys. He constantly makes him aware of that higher reality that exists within him.

Everything which you experience as a part of our consciousness makes us realize that we are governed by consciousness.

Universal or quantum consciousness emphasizes that we are all interrelated, interconnected and interdependent.

If you delve into the science of consciousness, you will find that it implies in love, surrender, acceptance, observation and contemplation. You just see yourself in your mind’s mirror and you will find that the reflection is far better than what you see in the mirror.

In the sense of pure consciousness or when you are totally aware of both subject and object, you are bound to reach the stage of bliss. In the same way, when you are in an impure state of consciousness, you remain in the vicious cycle of pleasure and pain. This higher reality determines the individuality in a man giving him a consciousness through his awareness of their higher reality. The reality behind consciousness is an experience and science and the same does not give the tools and instrument to measure and observe.

We are now in the phase of modernization and despite our progress in all the fronts, particularly in science and technology and other fields of advancement say, nuclear science and robotic discovery, we are very unrest both physically and mentally. We are engaged in mass destruction and various negative qualities, namely jealousy, nepotism, and favors which is predominantly pervading our society. In short, man has today everything, but nothing. He is still a slave to his self-consciousness and never ending desire.

We are constantly being replaced by our old thoughts considering the new development and our energy is also guiding us to replace the old awareness and in the context of our new infusion of life, consciousness evolves and one realizes life more and more. Consciousness is that part of the mind which provides that uniqueness, obtained by being alert and aware. The evolution in a man is completely fulfilled when he discovers and realizes that his consciousness, feeling for all endeavors is fulfilled.

  • Consciousness is singular. Maya is plural.
  • Consciousness is real, whereas Maya is unreal.

When real and unreal meet that both consciousness and existence, the birth of Maya takes place. Consciousness is always experienced in a singular, but under the influence of Maya, man is always in the doldrums and thinking in terms of plurality. Consciousness finds itself intimately connected with and dependent on the physical state of limited region of matter, the body.

Consciousness is only singular, whether in dreams, sleep or awake in the form of self consciousness to form your individuality by manifesting into one’s mind.

The sum of total experience of an individual becomes his memory. If any experience of physical action is repeated again and again, it leaves the domain of consciousness to become a mechanical experience. Consciousness guides you, which allows the intellectual power to discriminate and choose on its own to experience and learn from its action. With this discrimination and by using intellectual power, one becomes wise.

Consciousness is like a chisel which is used to sculpt the physical statue of body and mind. Consciousness creates its own inner domain through its series of experiences in subjective awareness. The object which affects our observation is itself an experience and if you think of this experience, it becomes a conscious of the same body.

The spirit may be differed in more or less in each individual, but the spirit itself, however remains the same in one unified consciousness.

What is ego? Ego is nothing but your identity, consistency and existent. Self is your consciousness, declaring you are more than body and mind. Individuality is your status between these two.

Spiritualism is that transcendence when you become aware of your presence in what you are doing and what you are observing. To become conscious, what you do is not that relevant. To become conscious of your presence, your surroundings is very much relevant.

  • Existence evolves through natural growth.
  • Life evolves through knowing yourself consciously.
  • Consciousness evolves through that awareness in presence which you really are.
  • Awareness evolves by being alert and in the spontaneity of now.
  • Consciousness; is that stage when you are aware of all the other three.

We always perceive thinking and feeling and we become conscious when we are aware of any subject. What does it mean? Awareness forms the context and consciousness, its content.

The personal power in you is consciousness. This power drives your intention into determination in any action. We are able to recognize any subject or object because of this power of awareness.

The science of consciousness demands centering of dualities into one. Consciousness is a stream of experiences in awareness by which you will realize the duality of our living and leading our lives. This duality also centralizes other element which becomes the central personal in mind.

You will not be able to be conscious unless you become aware of any subject or object. Once you become conscious, your own self decides whether you are listening to your witnessing self or the perceptive self.

Consciousness always declares that it is I who own this body and mind, Science is closed to the idea that there is an inner self to observe and experience what you perceive. It is closed to the idea that your body and mind belongs to your individuality, which is dependent on awareness to make you become conscious of your true-self.

A scientific atheist person always changes his mind on God because it is beyond the power of science. To comprehend the consciousness behind God and his creation, God and the devil both reside within your sub-conscious mind. The more you show the inclination towards any one of them, the greater will be your desire to follow that direction of either God or devil.

The ultimate job of spiritualism is to merge self-consciousness to the unified supreme consciousness.

Science has always advocated the body consciousness. Spiritualism advocates for universal consciousness. The spirit is fulfilled when an individual spirit, wondering for its completion.

A soul or consciousness develops your uniqueness or individuality. It resides in your subconscious, ultimately your memory is formed. Out of this uniqueness of individuality, it also reveals your personality.

Spiritualism is the science of consciousness, reality and truth of any subject. Science is the study in reductionism, determinism and revisionism of any subject. Science relies on the theory of randomness in entrophy. Spiritualism balances in the realm of consciousness in syntropy. In the life, where there is a separation of syntropy and entropy, there is a swirl between orderly and disorderly movement of energy. Then consciousness is needed to bring a balance to create oneness.

Science is putting its best efforts to objectively analyze the neural functions of mind. But the subjective experiences of consciousness; remains spiritual in nature.

Science believes in reductionism theory, dissecting, analyzing and inferring. Spiritualism experiences the unification, in forming a universal consciousness.

A man is born with a desire and concludes his life with the desire which he is not able to fulfill in his life. During his death bed, he ponders all these desires. The desire remains greater than his consciousness. This is basically arisen because of his ignorance of his less enjoying and suffering while he lives. Desires and self-identity provide self consciousness to thrive in greed and ego.

  • Love and devotion are collective consciousness. It provides us the real meaning of life.
  • Science evolves in reductionism.
  • The universe evolves in expansionism.
  • Existence evolves in randomness.
  • Life evolves in awareness of that presents.
  • Consciousness evolves in the individuality of that presence.

In existence, reality is objective, in the form of solid objects that that one perceives. In life, reality remains subjective, as consciousness that one is aware of. Awareness of manifestation separates into its objective reality.

In the spiritual world, consciousness must precede matter. Life will always exist, but to become alive, it needs self awareness. The evolution of mind explains that awareness expands that awareness, but the consciousness of that awareness is still abysmal.

Consciousness is a reflection of life, showing what you are and how you exist. Because of tremendous achievements and progress in science today, we are able to exert our knowledge and we have the capability and means to address all the fundamental issues which we face in our lives.

We have progressed sufficiently. In the similar way, there is a tremendous body consciousness where the main sufferer has been the over exploitation of nature and its resources. Today, science is talking about ecology and earth or its awareness not because of any care or love, but because of the destruction it has done and the need and fear of its survival.

God exists as spirit in total awareness of pure consciousness. The carrier of the spirit, color and life wonder from one body to another. God cannot be explained by the eyes, words or rituals. You can visit temples, churches or mosques and you can observe God in any form, but you can only realize God through consciousness, awareness and oneness.

Awareness transforms the intellect and its reasoning to a higher level of wisdom, followed by compassion ending with completeness in pure consciousness.

Consciousness gives you a power of positive thinking. If you are able to concentrate on all the aspects of life with the positive power of thinking, you will be able to taste the sweetness of your life. The bitterness, hatred, jealousy, unhappiness, atrocity, nepotism, favoritism and all these are the frustrated versions of the negative thinking of your life. The more you are conscious with your ability to think positively, the gravity of above consciousness will be less.