How to Stop Taking Things in Your Life for Granted

How to Stop Taking Things in Your Life for Granted

How to Stop Taking Things in Your Life for Granted

We tend to take things for granted when they are obvious to us. Unfortunatley life never comes with user manual to fix the things that we lost.

There is an old japanese saying, "What you focus is what you get", so if you shift focus upon the most obvious things on life, we tend to loose them forvever. So here is the list of things that we should never take for granted, no matter what.


unconditional love

Family is not an important thing. It's everything - Michael J. Fox

We always tend to take family for granted as we feel that they are going to be with us ever. The only thing constant in life is change, so if you donot cherish the presence of family ocassionally, those moments will be lost forvever. Life is a mere collection of memories, build those with the family to cherish later and value their presence truly, for they love you unconditionally.


nature takes care

If you would be loved, love, and be loveable.” - Benjamin Franklin

Humans are tied to each other with a bonding that is termed as a relationship. Relationships have become so fragile that they are tore for silly reasons. We do not care them when they exist and by the time we understand what went wrong, we are no more tied to that bonding with the other person. Never take any relationship for granted because the survival of oneself depends on mutual existence of mankind.


small tweaks to burn fat faster

The first wealth is health - Ralph Waldo Emerson

We can recover wealth even after it is lost but it is very difficult to regain health once it starts deteriorating. People generally do not take precautions that would help to keep themselves fit and healthy in the long run. They ignore to follow when needed and suffer when their health is actually at risk. Our body is the reflection of ourselves, so craft your body to make others go awe. if we are conscious enough, we can do that.


keep values for success story

Man is free at the moment he wishes to be. - Voltaire

Freedom is rarity these days. Having been stressed out of different dynamics of life, it is evident that we have been losing freedom day by day. So, our priority should be, not to take freedom for granted. For that, you need to be constantly concentrated on your own self and evaluate the possibilities of retaining freedom in your life. If you do that, you will be happy.

Basic Necessities

peace of mind

Great necessities call out great virtues - Abigail Adams

If you have a home to live and if you know the language to communicate, if you have a job that pay your bills – congratulations that you are in the 15% luckiest people of the world. Human survival depends on the basic necessities like food, water, shelter, and education; so one should strive for that always so as to concentrate on something big. To be precise, provided you fulfill all of your basic necessities; you can't go after your dreams, for no dream has been achieved while struggling for necssities.

Pursuing Education

personality development facts

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself - John Dewey

Lots of youngsters these days take education for granted thinking that education is too trivial to pursue. No, it’s not. They don’t notice the hardships of the parents undergo to let their kids study peacefully, don’t know the predicaments of many youngsters who don’t have the luxury to study, never understand the possibilities that the education offers if pursued rightfully. So my request is never take education for granted, for it is the future of your life.