Warring Parties in Syria Accept US-Russia Truce Plan

Warring Parties in Syria Accept US-Russia Truce Plan

Warring Parties in Syria Accept US-Russia Truce Plan

The Islamic state and Syria has been facing an almost every day raging war from the past 5 years. Recently Russia and USA have agreed on a cease-fire in Syria but Syria’s warring government and rebellions have still not accepted the deal. The terrorist organization such as the Al-Qaida front and the Al-Nusra front will not be covered in the truce.


The terms of agreement were announced by the US and Russia when President Obama and Vladimir Putin had a telephonic conversation on Monday. According to the white house the agreement was arranged at Russia’s request which was heartily welcomed by Obama. Obama’s basic and main concern was that the Syria’s government and the opposition group faithfully abide by the agreement. 

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A U.N Security Council resolution was adopted in December which needed the parliamentary and presidential elections to be held during a transition period of 18 months which would eventually end the 5 year old war and conflicts in Syria. This announcement has brought a new ray of hope for the citizens of Syria. As the Syrian officials still had to accept the truce, a statement from their end cleared the fact that they are ready to accept the truce as long as the militants will not be benefitted by it. 

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All the parties have time to accept the truce or give their final call on the truce. The blueprint of this plan was set by Washington, Moscow and 15 other countries at a conference in Germany. A new communication hotline was also set up and a working committee could also be established to see to its working if needed. US and Russia will be co-chairing this group and they will also have information about the territories held by the rebels.

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Moscow’s military intervention has forced the West to be present for the negotiation and also accept Russia as a major power. Its support to Syrian President Bashar-Al-Assad has made him secure. Information will be shared by the US and Russia about the active armed groups. The rebels fighting against Assad’s government and violence will be termed terrorists and they have a fair chance to be attacked. USA is referring to the cease-fire as “self-policy” mechanism. 
The Syrian government has advised to seal its borders with Turkey so as to prevent any attacks from their end as they are great supporters of rebels. This strategy needs to be adopted before a truce is made is what the Syrian government is saying.

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Countries like Syria, Afghanistan and many others have been living under the fear of the super powers and also the terrorist groups such as Al-Qaida and ISIS. There has been a lot of bloodshed in the past years. Many innocent lives lost at the hand of rebels but for what cause? The Syrian government needs to show a stronger side to protect its citizens and this truce could be a beginning to the end of the sufferings of the Syrian citizens.