Unplug to Connect: Bring your Technology Dependency Under Control

Unplug to Connect: Bring your Technology Dependency Under Control

Unplug to Connect: Bring your Technology Dependency Under Control

Besides our experts action for free basics and increase in the awareness of internet to common man over phone. We just peep into our dependency on technology. So what do you think it is, a healthy or unhealthy connection to electronic gadgets which we have developed these years?
Now we have developed urgency to peep into our phones or staying online every minute of the day. But, this is the time to take a step and commit ourselves to control this dependency or hyper connectedness to mobiles, laptops, social accounts, and blogs for these reasons.

Life Goes on, Unplug and Live in it

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Time is not going to stop for us. Balance your need to use phone and be a part of things going around you. Bring more life to your relations and ensure that your addiction is not negatively affecting it. We learn many more things and even faster than the google which provides us listings proudly in fraction of seconds by looking around and mingling with new people. Just leave the fear of missing a ping, or ding of a message or a new email which just hit your inbox. 

Balanced Use of Technology and your social Interests

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Every time you use a device, ask yourself whether it is really necessary or not? Think of all the other works which interests you and are important to be done at the same moment. Make your mind to crawl the social media platforms at only long intervals of the day. If you can do this, with in a day or two you can surely enhance your mood, speak to more friends and even learn from some books.
People established a madness of posting selfies and pics many times a day, updating status for every silly thing of life. Rather than doing this, why don’t you think of something which increases your memory power like drawing and reading where you process the brain? 

Make a Strict Rule to Logoff Every Weekend

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Life or in fact your professional position won’t get crashed if you are not staying online in the weekends. Tune your brain to control the anxiety of checking the messages not just one but on every possible social media channels. Take a break and give yourself a chance to be creative, live life more meaningfully engaging with your friends, spouse, kids by calling them, going to them, playing with them.

Have a purpose to peep into the phone. A beep may distract you every time, but remember there are even settings and it is in your control to mute them. There are many apps to get rid of the notifications, make use of them.  Use the technology wisely and gain advantage from it. There are a world of things to enjoy if you dare to think out of the phone and internet.  It is really hard to stop the inclination of glance to a text message as it arrives, but slowly acknowledge yourself that you can make your life more wonderful without this addiction.