Too busy? Stop now and Restore your Well-being

Too busy? Stop now and Restore your Well-being

Too busy? Stop now and Restore your Well-being

They say, being busy is good. Going by the current lifestyles, we are definitely going beyond the acceptable parameters. Erratic time frames, extended work hours, no breaks and most importantly, unhealthy food habits. We are being slowly dragged down into a dungeon of misery and danger, thanks to high flying goals and aspirations. It is good to be occupied, having some concrete goals in life. But there comes a time when a line has to be drawn!

So how do we know if things are going overboard? Our health, for one, will immediately start conveying the message. “Hey there! You need to take it down a notch” If you keep hearing the inner voice and start seeing your vitality decline, the time had indeed come to pause, breath and ponder.

Here are few things that you need to immediately act upon, as soon as you find yourself entering the dreaded arena of workaholic outcomes.

Stop Eating Junk Food

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The first sign of stress is inevitably going on an unhealthy binge. Over stretched deadlines call in for ordering a giant pizza or going on a voracious gorging with unhealthy snacks. It’s time to cut down the garbage. Pause immediately and get your schedule back on track. Reprogram eating habits by incorporating healthy foods and regular timelines.

Start Exercising

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The minute you start feeling bogged down with strained routine and clumsy body, go get your trainers. Hit a gym, do Yoga or go for a run. Stress takes down the ability of a body to maintain healthy metabolism. Without a healthy body, there is no question of a healthy mind in place. Check your warning signs and start exercising right away.

Restore Lost Relationships

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Diving deep into your work means slowly losing contact with the loved ones, the people who really matter in life. The minute your routine shows the red alert of absolutely zero time for friends and family, you have to act ASAP. Start taking small breaks and working on spending quality time with those who are closer to you. If you continue to ignore the warning signs of work chewing away your personal life, be prepared for an ugly spiral down in relationships. Keep a check.

Enjoy Simple Things

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Rising high in your career has every potential to rob away your chances of simple joys. Make sure you consciously take time off to appreciate the simpler pleasures of life. Bask in the morning sun, greet your neighbours, whip up a surprise meal for your loved ones or even go for an aimless persuasion. These things may not make sense when you are in the thick of it, but they sure help take down a lot of emotional and guilty baggage off your back.

Maintain Timings

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As silly as that sounds, it is very important to maintain regular timings in life. Stop stretching into late nights with work. Nobody cares as long as you deliver on time. The most common reason for the backlogs to happen are your extended hours eating away on the core productivity. The more energetic you are, more regularised your work tends to become.

Embrace and Balance Life

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At the end, it all boils down to maintaining a fine balance. Remember yin and yang? It is important to keep going with a balanced lifestyle and not jump off the edge in a hurry. Keep calm and accept the delays.

These are some very important things that you will have to start doing in order to regain control of your super busy life. There is nothing more uplifting than overcoming those unhealthy hazards before it’s too late.