Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

What is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction says that only you are responsible for everything that happens in your life whether it is positive or negative. Say you do not have money, and your friend loaned you some, it is you who attracted that knowingly or unknowingly. The law is used in every second of our life.

There are three basic steps of the law of attraction that is ask, believe and you will receive. To start off with first and foremost, you need to relax your mind. Meditate in a day for 5 to 10 minutes. It will increase your brain power, and your mind will be at a relaxed state.


Be sure of what you are looking for and do not doubt yourself. You need to remember that you are sending a request to the universe that is created by thoughts and, therefore, respond to the thoughts. Ask the universe for it. Make a request for it and send a picture of it to the universe. It has a readymade answer as it is already yours. It should be followed by the stage where you write the wish down and avoid negative thoughts at every point.

Feel the way after you have received the wish. You must think, act and speak as if you have received the wish right now. It is usually the most important step in the law of attraction as it here where it starts working.

Showing gratitude for all the things that the universe has given you. Be thankful for all the things universe has given you as it has done a lot of things for us. Finally, trust the universe and have patience. Do not be upset if things do not go your way and do not stress on the “how” aspects the universe will do the things for you.

How to Use Law of Attraction in Life

Doubtlessly, the law of attraction has worked wonderfully for millions of us. But many of us also face the difficulty in applying this law. The best method would be to start small and once you start achieving build on it.

1. Know What You Desire

know what you desire

Whatever your desire in life is possible and it can be fulfilled. You have got to believe that it can be achieved, and it is better that the desire is specific. Convert your emotions into images.

2. Believe It Can Be Achieved

believe it can be achieved

Belief is the cornerstone for your desires to be achieved. The simple fact is that without belief the desires cannot be achieved. There is a solution for it, and you start by asking something small.

3. Visualize


Being able to visualize can do wonders to the power of manifestation. If you want to something to happen in your life, first think it in your mind.For example, if you wish to have a new car for you, you need to imagine that in your mind.

4. Inner Dialogue

inner dialogue

Your inner thoughts are the picture book of your actions. What you think of during the day will have an impact on your thoughts and emotions during the course of the day.

5. Asking the Right Questions

asking the right questions

When you present yourself with the right questions in life, as the correct answers will take off the negative thoughts, making you more focused and lead to be outcome focused.

6. Attraction


One tends to attract the things what they think the most. If you think about all the bad things that have happened to you, then you will attract more bad things. The law of attraction brings you everything whatever you think about.

7. Remember


“I am” this is a creative statement and a declaration. It is what you want now and how you want the future to be. Make your statements more concise and do not want all the reasons on why you cannot have it.

8. Inspired Action

inspired action

If you want something thinking and talking about it will get you there. Say if you are looking for a new job, you must take action and tell the universe that you want the job. Talk to people around you and build contacts.

9. Letting Go

letting go

Once you feel that your desire is in motion and is coming, it is important to let go the desire. It is like a butterfly as the more tightly you hold on to it, the greater chances of you killing it.

10. Gratitude


Practice the art of gratitude in your life. When you incorporate this quality in your actions, you are installing positive energy in your life. It is important to practice gratitude with an open heart and a sense of feeling.

Law of Attraction and Affirmations

law of attraction and affirmations

The power of the law of attraction stems from the fact that whatever you will think or act, it will become a reality. When you want success in your life, these positive affirmations will help you take control of you mind and help you to relax.

  • 1. Law of attraction works.
  • 2. I believe in this law.
  • 3. I will create my own destiny.
  • 4. Think in a positive manner
  • 5. My thoughts are within my control
  • 6. The law is transforming my life for the better.
  • 7. My life is full of abundance.
  • 8. With every day, my mind is becoming positive.
  • 9. Attracting success has become a routine in my life.
  • 10. Gain control over life and thoughts.
  • 11. A positive mind attracts positive circumstances.
  • 12. It has become easy to attract what I need in life.
  • 13. This law has given the power to attract my dreams.
  • 14. My belief has become stronger in the law of attraction after knowing about it.
  • 15. With positive directions in mind, my life is getting diverted to positive thoughts.
  • 16. This law is working wonders for me.
  • 17. Success is flowing into my life with the law of attraction.
  • 18. I possess the power to create my own reality.
  • 19. The power of manifestation is growing.
  • 20. Manifesting is becoming an easy task.

Law of Attraction Exercises

The law of attraction exercises is just the tip of the iceberg for the law to work. It does not mean that you need to maintain eye contact and talk to each and every one.

1. Smile


One of the first things that we do when we wake up is a smile. It is even if you do not have to do anything and block all the noise in the head and force the smile from all corners.

2. Imagine It is The Best Job Ever

imagine it is the best job ever

You should think of the job that makes you happy. What are the field and the roles along with responsibilities that are attached to it?

3. Imagine That Your Bank Balance Is Growing

imagine that your bank balance is growing

When you do all this, think that your bank balance is growing. Think about it and imagine that is increasing every second.

4.  Purchasing a Dream Car of Your Choice

purchasing a dream car of your choice

Imagine sitting in a chair and think that you are driving your dream car from the automobile showroom. Do not worry about anything and just enjoy the sensation of ownership.

5. Look Smart

look smart

Whatever you do in life do with a sense of style. You do not know whom you will be meeting the next moment. Groom yourself before you step out and one does not need to spend hours on it.

6. Deep Thinking

deep thinking

When you go to bed, think of what you want in life. Say if you want a new house think of it in your mind and consider the shape from the outside, the color as well as the shape.

7. Switch off the News

switch off the news

Do not let that idiot box ruin your day. The television channels have rarely good things these days. This news gets embedded into your thoughts, and it goes with you throughout the day. The positives that you are trying to achieve during the day are taken away from you. The bottom line is that do not watch anything that is going to upset you.

How Law of Attraction Can Improve Your Life

Manifesting your idea is not hard as it sounds. If you practice meditation, you are almost half way there. First of all, be sure about what you requires and then choose a method to achieve that. Create a fantasy in your mind and repeat it numerous times in a day. The final stage is an expectation as you can see the signs and results emerging.

1. Good or Bad Experiences

good or bad experiences

Good or Bad Experiences are Attracted Based On Thoughts the one who speaks about bad times has the most of it. The one who speaks about wealth has it. If you focus on a particular thing, you can make it happen.

2. Focus on A Particular Thing

focus on a particular thing

The More Focus on A Particular Thing The Powerful It Becomes. You attract reality by attracting the experiences you want to have in life. You might have brought about things on yourself by thinking more about them.

3. Thinking over and over on a Decision 

thinking over and over on a decision

Trust your Emotions Rather than Thinking over and over on a Decision Listen to your heart, rather than thinking about some decision over and over again. Let the emotions guide you on what is right or what is wrong.

4. Success is not Restricted to a Select Few

success is not restricted to a select few

If you see others are successful around you, in no way that does limit your success. You need to attract abundance you’re yourself and in this process, you are not alone.

5. Do not let Disappointment Take Over


Being disappointed spells danger and is a sign that more bad times are likely to follow. It also indicates that you are not getting in life what you want.

6. Powerful Thinking 

 powerful thinking

The Magnetic Power can be Increased by Devoting More Time to Powerful Thinking Devote 15 minutes a day to think about your goals or aims in life. Research points to the fact that it contributes to success.

7. Relationships


Relationships are Bad as You Choose to Make It That Way when you give attention to a person’s negative qualities you are bound to cause havoc in the relationship. This mentality can help you free from bad relationships.

A Few Ways You Can Attract What you Dream about

a few ways you can attract what you dream about

The law of attraction is a sword by which you live. Each one of us has dreams that are unique and differ from each other. Whatever is the dream it is completely possible. Search for the purpose in life and spread your wings:

  • 1. Know the area of focus.
  • 2. Keep a list of worries.
  • 3. Practice the art of diaphragmatic breathing.
  • 4. With mediation quite the money making mind.
  • 5. Move the body in what you feel good.
  • 6. Maintain a list of gratitude.
  • 7. Maintain a list of goals and connect to your why.
  • 8. Visualize the situation on how it will be when you achieve your dreams.
  • 9. Feel as if you have already achieved your dreams.
  • 10. Be positive.
  • 11. Be grateful and appreciate everything in life.
  • 12. Listen to your instinct.
  • 13. Believe in your dreams.
  • 14. Follow your heart with courage.
  • 15. Follow your own intuition.
  • 16. Help to others and give others.
  • 16. Get enough time to do things that you love.
  • 17. Travel along with inspiration to a whole new level.
  • 18. No can’t and buts.’
  • 19. Be real with everyone around you.
  • 20. Practice what you preach.
  • 21. Imagination is a powerful tool.
  • 22. Be passionate about your areas of interest.
  • 23. Take control of you failures.
  • 24. Realize stress and fear are a temporary phenomenon.
  • 25. Be honest and do not lie.
  • 26. Take note of the fact that everything in life happens for a reason.
  • 27. Be open minded.
  • 28. Live each day to the fullest.
  • 29. Learn from experiences in life as school is not the only place for education.
  • 30. Learn from people around you.
  • 31. Believe in freedom and abundance.
  • 32. See the best side of people.
  • 33. Focus on your needs and wants.
  • 34. Do not be under the assumption that money buys happiness.
  • 35. There is always a scope to improve in life.
  • 36. Be patient.
  • 37. Don't give up in life.
  • 38. Inspire and motivate the people around you.
  • 39. Each and every word you speak has a power.
  • 40. Think of the creative statement “I am.”
  • 41. When you want to have an answer to a question, direct that question to within you.
  • 42. Believe that you are worthy.
  • 43. Look at failure as an opportunity.
  • 44. Consider for signs of alignment.
  • 45. Learn from the past and move on.
  • 46. Learn to say yes.
  • 47. Develop the habit of trust.

Law of Attraction Theory

law of attraction theory

The law of attraction states that whatever you think in your life, you attract it. The thoughts are the picture book of your actions. But the law of attraction possesses some tough questions to which finding answers are difficult. Let us analyze these problematic questions:

  • What happens in conflicting situations like when there are two people for a promotion and only position available?
  • If a child is abused, does it mean that the child intended it that way?
  • If I am looking for away to improve my relationship and my spouse does not care, will it improve?

These questions to a large extent weaken the law of attraction. The answer though can be found in the concept of subjective reality. It is a system that states that there is only consciousness, and you are the sole person responsible for it. Secondly, everything in life is a projection of your thoughts. So the fact of the matter is that subjective reality presents answers to all these tricky questions. There is only one source of intention in the universe, and that is you.

law of attraction smile

It is important to understand the term “You” in subjective reality. It is not your physical body in any manner. Ideally, imagine you have a dream and in that dream identify yourselves. That is just a dream avatar, and you are the dreamer. The entire dream is related to your consciousness. Physical reality also works the same way.

There is denser universe than you are experiencing in your real dreams, so changes are pretty common here. The ideas that people have intentions are a mere illusion as people are just projections here. It is a strong belief that other people have intentions as well that is a dream that you are creating for yourself.

To conclude, the law of attraction exists, and it has been used for thousands of centuries. It can be used as a physiological tool for someone who desires it. It can bring more wealth, happiness and better relationships for those who recognize it.