The Price of Life - Making better Decisions

The Price of Life - Making better Decisions

The Price of Life - Making better Decisions

How much are you Willing to Pay?

Just imagine you would walk around with a price tag gun and had to price everything. Friends, hobbies, your job - and your partner. That´s a scary idea, right?

How to make better Decisions?

You probably heard that quote before: 

There is no such thing as a free lunch. 

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One Decision will Change your Life

We use this quote in the business world to illustrate that at the end of the day everything comes at a cost. The fact of the matter is that everything has a price. Even free meals we give out at a charity event. They are costing produce and manpower of those who prepare and distribute the food. 

You probably do not like this thought. And this quote. But the more you think about it the more you will see that it represents an unpleasant truth. 

The fundamental insight: For everything, yes every little thing in life we pay a price. Emotional debt or financial cost.

There is no free lunch at the end of the day. 

We are fully aware of that when we have to make a difficult decision. Or when we set a difficult goal for ourselves. In these situations, we are consciously confronted with the question: Am I willing to pay the price for this decisions?

But not just when we are setting goals or make conscious decisions do you pay a price. You also pay that price for ordinary, everyday decision you don´t think about twice. Decisions that are clear to you. For those, you just pay the price without thinking twice about it.

We also pay the price for life situations we have created for us. Often, we are not aware of that anymore or fade it out. 

When you have a secure job for example that you hate. "Work does not have to be fun", one could think. But we pay the price. Boredom, discontent, waste of your lifetime. 

We pay a price in life. At any time. Even for the good things in life.

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That leads to two interesting conclusions: 

Every Medal has Two Sides

A valuable insight from this realization is: Life is not a pony farm. At least not all the time. Even on a pony farm you have to dispose of the manure at some point. 

That means that everything in life also has negative aspects and comes at a cost. 

That would even be the case if you could choose to be a billionaire. 

  • Maybe people would constantly ask your for money and you would have to say "no". 
  • Maybe you would not know anymore who cares for you and who just loves your money.
  • Maybe it would become boring to be able to do everything or have everything.

Yes, there is no light without shadow. Everything comes at a price. Making yourself aware of that is totally relaxing.

It is relaxing because you know that it´s alright if you are in a rough spot right now. That you just experience a phase of shadow. Because nothing will always be good and pretty. Everything will also have dark and burdensome sides. Even the good things. 

Often we do not see that we just face some shadow on our path. We tend to focus our attention solely on the negative aspects. Did I make a mistake? Is that still the right way? Is this really what I want? Doubt is a pretty reliable success blocker and energy thief.

On every other path, we would also have faced hardship - sooner or later. Road toll would have been due on that other path just the same.

This realization makes it much easier to handle setbacks and hurdles. Because you know: Yes, there will be days on which you curse what you really desire. And that is totally normal. Because even what you love has its price.

For example disposing of the manure on the pony farm (;

Which Price will you Pay?

Another important insight: If you make yourself aware of the fact that really everything and anything has a price, you can use that for making decisions that suit you better. 

Because if you consistently ask yourself

  • What is the price of this?
  • Which price am I willing to pay?
  • What is my walk away price?
  • And why?

You will become much clearer on which path is the right one for you. 

Making yourself aware of that can open your eyes in many ways. Knowing what you do not want, which price you are not willing to pay tells you a lot about the path you should not cross. 

A classic example that many people encounter in their lives: Do you want to make a career or have a good work-life balance? Are you willing to pay the price and work harder and sacrifice your leisure time? Or are you more happy in life if you have less money and do without a career?

A difficult question where we have to evaluate both prices. And life presents us with many of these difficult questions: 

  • Lack of time or lack of money?
  • Risk or boredom?
  • Pretense or shame?
  • Hard work or lack of perspective?

Your individual answers can be a key indicator for which path is the better one for you. You just have to keep reminding yourself: You will have to pay a price. Either way. Therefore, you can choose the price you are more willing to pay. The price that buys you what makes you the happiest. 

Many people only realize that they are not willing to pay the road toll after they started walking. Ask yourself more often: What is the price for this? Which price do I prefer to pay?

And that is the other valuable realization. If you look closely which price you are willing to pay and which not you are able to make decisions that are best suited for you. 

An Uncomfortable, Valuable Truth

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Be Happy Every Single Day

There is no such thing as free lunch. A statement that can make you feel uneasy at first. But when you think about it: These uncomfortable truths are exactly the ones that help us grow and advance the most. 

To your happiness, success and your decision making!