Pain liberates!! Here is the Reason Why?

Pain liberates!! Here is the Reason Why?

Pain liberates!! Here is the Reason Why?

The paradox of pain is it hurts first and teaches you later. However we have had the habit of dramatically accusing fate and ranting “Why Me?” Let me reveal you the secret about pain – it actually liberates. Here are the reasons

1. Life is a Conflict

life is a conflict

Purpose of Life

Life isn’t easy. All of us might very well know this fact.It is a perennial conflict with bundle of contradictions and confusing paradoxes. Every one of us here would have had turbulent situations in our life. So let us all first accept the fact that life doesn’t exist without pain. However, most of us lack the ability to deal with pain graciously. We usually lost in the maze of life when pain badly hits us.

2. Learn form the Nature

learn from nature

Nature Quotes

Despite the fact that life is a pain – I am here to assure you that the pain liberates. The greatest example is our birth. A life is brought into this world only through pain- underwent by a mother who suffers immensely to introduce the world to the child.Pain brings life, builds spirit and transforms life.Sometimes nature is a wonderful teacher. All the answers for life lies in front of us, we simply need an authentic self to unlock the answers. Let me explain HOW PAIN LIBERATES!

3. Pain is a Blessing in Disguise

pain is a blessing in disguise

Overcome Your Inner Critic

We often run away from problems to avoid pain, which is a defense mechanism to numb the pain temporarily. The paradox is we cannot escape pain; we either have to face it or succumb to it. Famous Psychiatrist Scott Peck says, “By trying to avoid legitimate suffering, people actually ultimately end up suffering more”. The very avoidance of problems or running away from the crisis situation only leads to greater pain and halts mental and spiritual growth of the human being, which often results in mental illness. Next time when you encounter pain, just remember that you are given a chance of transforming yourself. Be grateful for that.

4. Face the Pain

face the pain

Face With Change

Of late, we see people dreading over their problems, but never ever try to solve them or fight them. As Benjamin Franklin said “Those things that hurt, instruct”, so just as children are given set of problems to solve during their time of education, only to help them in their intellectual, mental and spiritual growth. It is not wise enough to brood over the problems, but instead learn to welcome them, accept them and deal with them. It is only by facing them; you can bring out the best out of you in life. Some lessons in life are learnt well only through pain. Take for instance, Athletes, who undergo extensive pain during their endless running practices, only to accomplish their winning target.

5. Stop Blaming

stop blaming

Navigate Around Negative People

Constant whining and wailing over issues, problems and enigma bring you nothing but more intensive pain. A wise thing would be to understand the purpose behind the pain, as it would give you enough strength and courage to deal with it and making it a lot easier. It is true that conflicts and problems put you down, giving you massive pain, but don’t let yourself surrender to the situation, instead, come out of it, fight over it, turning the miserable situation into a new miraculous life. It is only when you realize your inner strength and ability and look upon yourself as a better one making each attempt you made, each struggle you passed, each hurdle you crossed counts.

6. Act Now

act now

Tips to Start Doing Things

“What we are today is the result of what we were yesterday and what we would be tomorrow is the result of what are we doing right now. So take the responsibility of your life and live accordingly. Pain is the great teacher, learn form it. Life is too short to rant over pain and not realizing the strength it bestows to equip you with the strength and resilience to face the predicaments of life.

Experience the pain to the fullest not to succumb to its graveness but to experience the beauty of liberation it brings to your life. For this, all you need is acceptance to welcome the life and learn from it.