10 Tips to get Deep Sleep

10 Tips to get Deep Sleep

10 Tips to get Deep Sleep

Sleep is an essential parameter for feeling rejuvenated and starting a new day afresh. It helps you feel fresh, energized and focused. A good night’s rest has a huge positive impact on a person’s overall mood.

How much Deep Sleep do You Need?

For a vigilant, positive mind, it is important to get good 7-8 hours of sleep. For a vigilant, positive mind, it is important to get good 7-8 hours of sleep. But even during these 7-8 hours, what is the quality of sleep that you are getting? A person’s body goes through various stages of sleep - from the initial stage of falling asleep but being able to wake up at the drop of a hat to falling into a deep sleep stage, where you are completely disoriented and in a state of deep slumber.

Here are a few tips that will help you fall into a state of deep sleep:

1. Switch off Electronics

turn off electronics

To be able to fall into a state of deep sleep during the night, it is essential that you switch off electronics a few hours before going to bed. Many people remain glued to their mobile phones or laptops right till they hit the sack. Curtail checking work emails or personal messages at least an hour before hitting the sack.

2. Follow a Sleep Routine

follow a sleep routine

Your brain picks up signals. To get a good night’s sleep and fall into a deep sleep, follow a routine regularly that tells your brain it is time to hit the sack. Switch off the lights and electronic devices about an hour before going to bed, take a warm bath, wash your face, read a book. Help yourself relax. Do things that tell your body it’s time to sleep.

3. Listen to Soothing Music

listen to music

It has been proven that listening to soothing music reduces your stress and anxiety levels and brings your blood pressure down to a state of relaxation.

4. Meditate

meditation for deep sleep

Meditation is a great way to begin your day with. It is even better to end your day with it. Meditation brings down your stress level and helps your mind relax and sleep better.

5. Choice of Pillow

pillow choice for deep sleep

Choosing the right pillow can enhance your sleep quality tremendously. Using rectangular neck pillows with a depression in the middle helps a person sleep better. Neck pillows should ideally be soft and not very high.

6. Exercise

exercise for deep sleep

Exercising has countless benefits. It helps a person remain active, improves the overall mental and physical health and also improves the quality of your sleep. Ideally, you should exercise for an hour daily.

7. Food

healthy food for deep sleep

The right quality and quantity of food can have a huge impact on your quality of sleep. Even the time of eating can impact your sleep. Overeating or eating very little can have negative impacts on the quality of sleep. Hence, eat a nutritious diet at least 3 hours before going to bed and if you feel hungry after that, it’s good to drink a glass of lukewarm milk or eat a banana.

8. Don’t Allow Pets in Bed

bed for deep sleep

Since the sleep cycle of pets varies from that of humans, sleeping with pets in bed will hamper a good quality sleep.

9. Take a Warm Bath

warm shower

A warm bath helps bring down your stress levels and helps you relax in an instant. Try taking a warm bath an hour before going to bed.

10. Reduce Caffeine

excess of coffee for sleep

Intake of caffeine can cause trouble getting a good night’s sleep since it is a strong stimulant. If drinking coffee or any other form of caffeine disturbs your sleep quality, its best to avoid it after 2pm.

Following these tips is sure to improve your quality of sleep and help you achieve deep sleep, which is essential for your overall well-being.