10 Positive Affirmations for Love

10 Positive Affirmations for Love

10 Positive Affirmations for Love

If you are looking for love – writing lonely heart ads, etc. – but to no avail, then listen up. Here follow some positive affirmations – namely, statements conducive to mental well-being – designed to help you court a winsome partner. We are only as good as we think we are.

So before you next hit the town, I want you to stand in front of the mirror and speak the following statements; and, by doing so, convince yourself of their truth:

1. I Love Myself

i love myself

We measure ourselves, too often, against an ideal; our bodies against supermodels’; our minds against professors’. We must love ourselves, immediately, notwithstanding our seeming inadequacy.

2. I am Strong Enough to Accept Failure

i am strong to accept my failure

Fear of failure hampers us. We must be brave enough to make advances on a potential partner. We must reconcile ourselves to the possibility of failure. Those who have accepted this possibility, are more likely to succeed, as they are less nervous when it comes to interpersonal activity.

3. I am Beautiful. Value is Relative

iam beautiful

Standards of beauty vary from time period to time period. Flaws, by today’s standards, were once regarded as assets: pallor was once a sign of aristocracy; fatness was once a sign of health, and thus viewed positively. Conceptions of beauty are illusory and in constant flux.

4. I am Confident about My Abilities

iam confident

Confidence is key. If we deport ourselves with confidence – walk with our heads held high – we shall attract attention. If we look down, conversely, and hunch our backs, then no one will approach us. Body language is important.

5. I am a Sex-Bomb the Likes of Which the World has Never Seen

world has never seen

Before you hit the town, get yourself ginned up by saying, ‘I am a sex-bomb, the likes of which the world has never seen.’ Then just go there and kill it.

6. There is Someone Just for Me

there is some one for me

There is someone for everyone. You might think of yourself as repulsive, incapable of attracting a love-match, but think again. There is no accounting for taste, and chances are you are just the right taste for the tongue of another. Keep on looking and don’t lose heart; one day you will find someone who loves you.

7. I Radiate Sunshine and Brighten Up the Lives of Those around Me

brighten others life

Unless you throw yourself into society, then you will never find a love-match. You must make friends, and then, via friends of friends, you may find a suitable love match.

8. I Love the World

i love the world

We are often too sparing in our diffusion of love; too intolerant of others’ flaws. If we broaden our taste and accept a larger portion of people, then we will enlarge the pool of potential love matches.

9. I am Fated to Find You

i am fated to find you

Trust in Providence to lead you to your love-match. The notion of love as something preordained is common in literature: Shakespeare’s most famous lovers were ‘star-crossed’. Perhaps there really is some divine matchmaker pushing us together. Who knows?

10. There is No One more Deserving of Love than Me

no one deserve love than me

Perhaps you feel like you are not worth it. Trust L’Oreal: you are worth it.

As neurologists have proven, love stimulates an influx of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. The couple, sufficient unto itself, can spend whole days under duvets, doing nothing, and count those days well spent. Love is exhilarating. If you are looking for love, then no wonder it’s pretty good. But love is not the be-all and end-all. Even if you are single, do not despair. Transcend your worldly problems and appreciate their triviality. Or listen to some Beyoncé.