10 Things to Remember If You Want to Be Happy

10 Things to Remember If You Want to Be Happy

10 Things to Remember If You Want to Be Happy

Happiness is a feeling of joy, contentment, and well-being and it differs from person to person. Many people think happiness can be gained by acquiring more money or wealth, possessions or success in career. However, riches and success alone can’t bring happiness if you don’t enjoy good health and have people to share your concerns. Money can’t buy happiness although it can help you buy a lot of things.

Here are 10 things to keep you happy

1. Don’t Try to Please Others

dont please others

If you indulge in activities or give opinion thinking it will please others, you will please none. Gradually, you lose your self-identity as all the time you are trying to conform to the thoughts or living standards of others.

2. Live in the Present

live in the present

If you live in your past glory or keep thinking of getting better in the future, you forget to live in the present or in the moment. And you are missing out all the good things in life. Many people chase wealth hoping they can live happily in future or think about all the good days they had but not enjoying whatever they have.

3. Happiness is in Giving

happiness is giving

Don’t hold on to your wealth and possessions. Many billionaires now give a major share of their net worth as there is plenty of joy to be attained in giving. But never make it a reason to become popular.

4. Getting Judgmental

getting judgemental

If you are in the habit of judging others, finding fault with others and also being self-critical of your own actions, you lose all the enjoyment of life and limit the possibility of making friends. Being judgmental can also put obstacles in your effort to know more about someone or something.

5. Good Friends as Walking Stick

good friend is walking stick

If you have good friends, it should be used as a walking stick and not as a crutch to lean on. Good friends will always reach you in times of need and listen to you without being judgmental. Good relationships bring happiness and joy.

6. Good Health

way to be happy

Good health is vital for happiness even as you can’t be happy without money to meet your needs. To enjoy good health, you need to go out for walking, running, cycling or do exercise programs in fitness centers.

7. Value Experience Over Possessions

happy life

Rich people have often said the happiness they got from buying their first automobile- a used one may not be there when they buy their 25th expensive car to their collection. However, most people have reported greater happiness when traveling, going to movies, spending time with family and so on.

8. Don’t Aim for Perfection

be happy with what you have

If you are a perfectionist, you will not be happy most of the time as no one is perfect in this world. We keep making mistakes and just as a sculptor chisels a stone, we have to keep on polishing ourselves.

9. Don’t Put off Your Dreams

become happy

If you had a passion for dance or music but couldn’t learn it in your childhood, age is no bar for pursuing such passion or dream later in life. Unfulfilled desires or passions can only cause misery in your life.

10. Learn to Forgive and Forget

best way to be happy

Many times in your life, people or institutions may have caused trouble, hurt you or cause harm to you. Once they have realized their folly and apologized, we must be open to forgiving and not holding any grudge against them. It will only create more ill will, build up resentment and take away your happiness.