Ways to Stay Happy All the Time

Ways to Stay Happy All the Time

Ways to Stay Happy All the Time

Happiness is abstract, but it isn’t hard to describe. It’s how you feel when things are going to turn out okay. It’s how you react when something good happens to you. It’s how everyone should be throughout their lives, yet not everyone is.

You can be, though. Here are five scientifically proven ways to stay happy all the time, so you can live healthier and enjoy every single moment.

1. Pick Up a New Hobby

pick up a new hobby

If you want to be happier more often, science says you need to get a little busier. Not by picking up more work or taking on more big commitments you can’t handle, but by spending your down time in the evenings and on the weekends doing something you actually enjoy.

Picking up a new hobby is thrilling. It often involves learning a new skill, which can make you feel fulfilled even if you’re not that great at it in the beginning. Everyone has that one hobby they never had the courage to pursue when they were younger. Shed that regret and ignore those excuses. Just take a chance and have some fun.

2. Improve Your Sleeping Habits

improve your sleeping habits

Have you ever noticed how cranky you are when you’re tired? That’s because humans are biologically engineered to need adequate amounts of sleep to survive. According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, when we sleep, we are actually giving our heart, blood vessels and other organs and tissues the chance to heal from a long day filled with movement and stress.

Mentally, your brain needs time and resources to prepare us to learn new things and store new memories tomorrow. It can’t do that while you’re awake. So get yourself on a regular sleep schedule, keep your phone out of your bed and get comfortable. You will feel physically and mentally stronger, which will in turn make you happier and keep you feeling joyful.

3. Exercise Regularly

exercise regularly

Whether you actually want to hear this or not, experts agree that regular exercise has a positive impact on our ability to stay happy throughout our lives. The American Psychological Association notes that studies show those who exercise on a regular basis for longer periods of time report enhanced moods compared to those who do not exercise frequently, or at all.

The key to exercising more often, and enjoying it, is to find a type of physical activity you like. Don’t just go for a run because it’s good for you. If you enjoy walking, go for a walk. Go for a swim or a bike ride or play tennis if that’s what’s going to get you excited about working out. Exercise can happen anywhere, not just in a gym.

4. Eat Better Food

eat better food

When you start eating better on a more consistent basis, you will feel better. According to Mayo Clinic, eating healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains keep you fuller longer and keep your blood sugar steady, which are both biological mechanisms that have very positive psychological effects.

There’s also the fact that taking charge of your health and taking better care of yourself through what you eat is almost an automatic mood booster. You can live much more happily just knowing you are taking small steps to lead a much healthier, more fulfilling and delicious life.

5. Manage Your Stress

manage your stress

Stressed people are generally not very happy people. Chronic stress has just as many negative physical affects as it does mental and emotional ones. It makes you irritable, gives you headaches and can make you unintentionally eat way too much … or not nearly enough. Stress makes you feel miserable, but if you learn to manage it better, you will be able to stay happy.

Your happiness depends on your ability to manage your stress and how you cope with it. If you can, get rid of the unnecessary circumstances and people that are causing you too much excess stress. For the stressful parts in life you can’t just walk away from, like work or family, find healthy ways to cope. Do yoga. Meditate. Write your thoughts and feelings down in a journal. Every little bit helps.

Create happiness for yourself. Live healthier and enjoy what you do. Learn to cope with the negative things that come your way and turn them into positives. Make happiness a priority. You won’t regret it.