Tap into Your Inner Strengths

Tap into Your Inner Strengths

Tap into Your Inner Strengths

Your next 15 minutes will be very crucial if you are planning to read this article not just for the sake of reading it, but to apply it in your daily life. We all have the same qualities, though some have it more than others, and some inculcate it in themselves by practicing regularly. It’s not a time to worry, because you have this text focused by your eyes.

We have divided these strengths in broad categories of wisdom and knowledge, justice, courage, humanity, transcendence and temperance. There is nothing difficult in sharpening these skills if you have the required will. Lets kick off with WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE which will help you in your professional career.

This section includes creativity, curiosity, judgement, love of learning and perspective. Creativity is the art of getting your work done in different ways with different approach.

Though its said that people are born creative, but we can still sharpen this by some easy tricks. Try arranging the things in your room in a different manner, try learning a new music instrument or even try your hand at painting and drawing, the latter also increases your concentration power.

Talking about curiosity, start questioning the basic idea behind the approach. Focus on the question of WHY of the subject it must be noted that curiosity is directly related to the happiness of the person.

On a sad day, try out a new café which you always wanted to(it helps!). curiosity is directly proportional to the love of learning, which adds to your knowledge base also. I suggest reading newspapers, learning a few new words daily or even read a book. The love of learning and curiosity will help you in broadening your perspective. Perspective actually means having a view point, an outlook towards a topic.

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Reading blogs on your respective topics can help you to understand the insight of how different people think and act. All these qualities will lead to a better judgment. Judgment can also be worked up by solving puzzles or some mind twisting activities with your friends or co-workers.

Next we come to another category of COURAGE, which includes bravery, honesty, zest and perseverance. Already understood, honesty is very important for a successful career, but being honest requires courage as well as bravery.

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While improving on the courage category first requirement is courage itself. Tell someone about a white lie you told him/her to show and hone your honesty it’s interesting to notice that both male and female employees feel that honesty is the #1 quality that an employee should wear. To work up your zest, hit the gym!

Working out not only keeps you in shape but also release endophrines which makes you feel good about yourself, as a result confident! When we talk about perseverance, “falling and getting up again and again” sums it up. Start working on a tough project and don’t stop until you complete it. Never give up! No trick for bravery, though it’s also directly related to your health.

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Another category with professional importance is JUSTICE, to be fair and unbiased, not to be nepotistic. This category includes teamwork, fairness and leadership. Teamwork and leadership can be worked upon by playing team building games with your co-workers to be fair you have to be very analytical and informative regarding the subject. You should be able to follow up the plausible consequences and the events that might take place.

The next comes the TEMPERANCE. A broad category with humanistic values which are required to make you feel good about yourself. This includes forgiveness, humility, prudence and self regulation. Forgiveness is the most difficult and interestingly the easiest to practice. Never burden yourself with hatred and understand that each human being is bound to make mistakes and one of them is supposed to forgive him/her.

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Prudence is synonymous to caution, giving a right judgment and having wisdom to look through the follow up of events. One proven way to change you as a prudent being is, start working on things you always wanted(here, bring a change in yourself) and follow up how things turn out and unfolds. Self regulation is what we all need. Set up weekly goals and task to achieve. Keep a tab. Improve yourself, you can ! if you have the will.

All this for your career growth and to enhance your values. But for being energetic and spiritually motivated, we need to have TRANSCENDENCE. Which includes the love for the beauty and appreciating it, the importance of having hope. Being grateful and showing gratitude, be thankful to the blessing you have.

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Try meditation sessions everyday for 15 minutes in morning (if possible). Following these simple techniques we can bring drastic changes in your lifestyle and change the outlook towards life.

This has helped me too. I am sure you can find yourself with these too.