7 Tips for Creative Freelancers on Project Management

7 Tips for Creative Freelancers on Project Management

7 Tips for Creative Freelancers on Project Management

What is the first thought that comes in mind when you hear the word ‘freelancing’? For the vast majority, the picture that surfaces is in all likelihood that of somebody sitting at home before a desktop with some naturally blended espresso or tea advantageously within reach. It all may seem very relaxing and flexible if you are willing to take up freelancing.

In case you're in a field that opens up to an ocean of opportunities, and you've been considering leaving your place of employment and turning into a freelancer, it's essential to take a seat and take a decent, and think about the tips that can make you a better creative freelancer.

1. Inform


Tell your customers on how you oversee ventures. Educate your clients unequivocally how you plan to finish the work, including your timetable, what is required of the customer, when installments are expected — every one of the segments of the work you've contracted to perform. 

2. Communication


Build your communication with your client, as your client has the right to know about the exact progress of the project at any given point of time. To ensure a smoothing working relationship, you have to keep clients regularly informed about progress, success, developments or any other problem or issues related to the work.  

3. Involvement of Cloud

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Usage of project management tools that are mobile and web based. So that, you and your client can easily access it at any time irrespective of the location to share information. Moreover, this will help you out to eliminate any concerns if anything happens to your desktop or laptop. 

4.Templates of Each Type


To save your time in choosing another project quickly create templates for each type of project you are willing to work in present and future as well. Templates will help you to show consistency in your work. Review and refinement of the templates on a regular basis will depict that you are doing your work very efficiently and improves your performance after the completion of each task. 

5. Maintain all Records

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It is mandatory to save your work at each step in any manner you are comfortable at. Also, there is nothing to bill for until your task is accomplished, so billing is important and you may need these records at that moment. Also, it will boost up your project management skills and you can complete your future assignments efficiently and thus gives you more opportunity to be hired by some other client in order to earn money. 

6. Correctly Estimate Deadlines


Always give your work more time then you think that how much time is necessary for accomplishment of particular project. You cannot control the natural happenings or unforeseen circumstances whether in your family or friends. Thus, in that case to avoid delays in your work it’s better to take more time than it is actually required. To make it more complex, most of the freelancers underestimate the deadlines, as they are doing that particular work for long period of time. After all, we don’t know what is going to happen in another minute; it’s better to take extra time priory. 

7. Keep Track of Time Taken

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Even if you are not getting any pay on hourly basis; then also track your time on each project. It will give you a better idea about how much time you required to complete your work. That thing will help you to price your work accordingly. Also, having concrete numbers will help you to set your deadlines.