Success is an Inside Job

Success is an Inside Job

Success is an Inside Job

When we look for success via external achievements, we are missing the point of success. Success isn’t a collage of achievements, or an overflowing bank account, success, instead, is a way of feeling. Success is about telling yourself, in your own mind, that you’re enough, you’re good, you’re worthy, success is about re-writing your internal dialogue. Success feels like fulfilment, contentment, like your heart is overflowing with love for life, love for yourself, love for others. (Things That Inspire Us To Be Successful)

Success is not Found in the External World


I sometimes imagine what the world would be like if everyone ‘downed their tools’ and took some time to retreat to their internal world. For it is only through repeated, dedicated commitment to changing our internal narrative that we can really feel successful. I wonder what would happen to the world if everyone developed an internal belief that by merely existing, by being a human-being, they were already a success.

It takes time to take that idea on board, to feel it rather than think it. And it’s something our current society works hard to scare us from thinking. Because if everyone took the time to do the internal work, and see that each of us is already a success, already enough, there would be no more system, no more mad consumerism, no more egos making big decisions that detrimentally affect so many people (decisions that said egos believe at the time will make them more successful.)

Be an Inspiration to Others


Be Inspired

If we took the time to do the internal work, and believe in our bones that we are worthy and enough, the world would slowly fill with successful people. And when people feel successful they welcome and encourage others to be successful, they help others to be successful.

We’d have a world of successful people sharing and inspiring others to go on a similar internal journey. We’d have a world of people who feel good, feel joy, and not because they have a business that earns X amount of dollars each year, not because they are slim, or fit, or because they fit with what society deems ‘beautiful’.

We’d have people doing things for love, and we’d have people doing things without fear of failure. Because when you feel successful on the inside no amount of knock back or failure can touch that, you already feel good, you already feel enough, so any kind of external criticism (or praise for that matter) bounces off you. You end up not needing external validation. 

People are in that Journey


Stay Inspired on Your Journey

I long for that world, I believe in pockets people are already on that journey and I salute them. But it’s a journey available to each of us, and I think it’s the most vital journey the human race needs to take to thrive.