Utilizing A Job As A Means To An End

Utilizing A Job As A Means To An End

Utilizing A Job As A Means To An End

Hardly a day goes by where we don’t hear stories about unhappy employees being overworked and underpaid. Some attribute this to greedy employers, unfair wages, and outsourcing. In some cases these issues are valid but what about the many unhappy people that are in their positions because they are just unable to find a job they love; the many workers that utilize their jobs as a means to an end. How common is it to hear, “I can’t quit, I need the money.” This attitude develops workplace stress, emotional disorders, and lack of enthusiasm, motivation, and poor work habits.

I contend there is a way for employees and employers to turn this all around and change things for the better. By changing one's point of focus and frame of reference from “Finding something you love” to “Enjoy what you do.”

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The greatest single point of focus and frame of reference personally and professionally is that of development and achievement. When one realizes that potential is something that is all around us, not just inside of people, it becomes clear that the path to development and achievement is accomplished by the pursuit of potential.

With this realization, the next step is a path to development and achievement utilizing Natural Thinking and Multiple Intelligences that gives you the tools to pursue potential and deal with issues such as restrictions, opposition, and problems, in an impersonal, objective, businesslike manner.

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The best way of accomplishing this is by making development the key objective in the workplace. Overcoming weaknesses, developing greater skills and responsibilities is a sure way to make anyone feel better about themselves and their environment. When we become more effective, efficient and motivated, we become more valuable. This applies to CEO’s as well as their company security team. By engaging achievement through the process of development, any individual employee becomes an integral part of the business environment in a meaningful way. This gives the employee a sense of importance, well-being, connectedness, wisdom, and feeling like they are an actual force that is a part of the whole.


An example of a person who has utilized her Natural Thinking Principle and Multiple Intelligences is a woman I know named Angela. Most people are seeking their dream job, or to do what they love. Angela simply loves everything she does--no matter how uncomfortable it may be. This requires several factors. First, her deep love of life itself and second is her feeling good about herself.

Following Angela’s example, we should try to recognize that life is a gift, a privilege; it’s not a right! We are not entitled to a perfect job. We all can’t be CEO’s or movie stars. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect a middle manager to act like his bosses equal on the job. But they should carry themselves with pride and satisfaction that they are performing at a maximum position. That is, as long as they are doing so.

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Consider this; every action one puts out into the world is a reflection of either a virtue or the lack thereof. For example, when your boss came down on you, it was probably due to a lack of patience or understanding or possibly selflessness. And, when he gave you a commendation for a job well done, it was most probably for gratitude, caring or appreciation.

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Looking at working through the eyes of an independent contractor or professional these negative results are rare. They look at their mistakes, analyze themselves as a work in progress and correct themselves. Developing their potential is the key! And like Angela, the excitement, and satisfaction derived from learning, growing and achieving at a higher level is what it’s all about.