5 Secrets of Self-Control

5 Secrets of Self-Control

5 Secrets of Self-Control

Self- control is an inbuilt talent which we all have. But it is equally true that we don't realize it. This fact is evident from the study done by Martin Seligman and his colleagues in which they surveyed over 2 million people. In this, they asked the people  to rank the skills they possess. But unfortunately, self- control was last in the list of skills they have. We all have to realize this amazing quality which dwells inside us. This is a rare tool which can be used to achieve our goals.

We should understand that failure in achieving a goal is just because we don't know the knack to control ourselves. We all accept defeat because we lack self- control. But there are certain ways to achieve self- control. What are they?

1. Meditate Regularly

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Meditation is an awesome tool which helps you to control yourself. It acts as a mentor and  teaches us the way to achieve it. This will help you to focus on yourself to get rid of the negative thoughts. When we concentrate on our organs, it will increase self- awareness and help to hold out against the evil which resides in us. It helps us to keep our body and mind in fine fettle. 

2. Change your Eating Habits

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To impose self- control on yourself change your eating habits a little. Reduce the sugar intake. These foods will make you defenseless against the negative impulses. Stop eating too many chocolates which have high sugar content in it. Strike out these from the list of food you eat. Replace it with rice or meat which will give you more energy and fewer calories. This is the second secret of self- control.

3. Physical Exercises


We often underestimate the importance of physical exercises. These are a wonderful tool to achieve self- control. You don't have to twist our arms or bend our knees a lot to keep yourself fit. Instead of taking an elevator, walk upstairs. This is a simple but very effective exercise which will help you to burn extra calories and get rid of bloated tummy. Exercise for 10 minutes and it will help your brain to relax and achieve self-control.

4. Sleep at Least for 6 hours

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When you sleep less the ability of the brain to absorb glucose is absolutely nil because it is tired to do the job. When the glucose level goes down you feel like having sugary items more which in turn will do no good for you. If you want an ideal way to have control over your senses sleep for at least 6 hours at night.

5. Learn to Love Yourself


When we fail to do something we naturally tend to hate ourselves. Start loving yourself by considering failures as an opportunity to excel in life or to achieve a goal. Be successful in creating opportunities from every failure in life. Learn to forgive yourself. Take lessons from each and every failure you face in life.

In short, self- control is a hidden talent which needs only a little effort for us to realize. People who have high EQ have unbelievable self- control. An important  thing which we have to keep in mind is that when we try to control the impulse to have chocolates it is not desirable that we practice self- control only for two or three days. It should be a continuous effort till the desirable result is achieved.