Why do Millennials See the World Differently?

Why do Millennials See the World Differently?

Why do Millennials See the World Differently?

With the Millennials well into adulthood, the world is seeing a surge of change around itself. Not only is our perception of the outer world changing, but so is the world of work. With most people of the millennial generation having at least received graduate education, we see half the youth employed in jobs that do not require their degrees.

They are as a consequence, overeducated, underpaid, and underemployed. On the top of this, youth today want to find meaning and creativity in their jobs instead of sticking to the last generation’s boring tedious jobs. Most millennial would rather forego large pay checks if they can work for a company which matches their own set of values. They are out to make a difference in the world.


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Although multi-tasking is considered an essential tool for this generation, it has been scientifically proven that it is nothing but a myth. They are simply better at switching from one task to another giving the impression of doing various things together. However, even with their enthusiasm and passion towards their work, millennials are finding it hard to find jobs which fulfill their need for flexibility and innovation.

Loyalty and Innovation

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It has been noted that the millennial generation is better at sticking to their jobs than the last generation. They were more prone to changing their jobs with less than a year’s experience at one work place. The millennials do not care for competitive jobs and would rather work in a collaborative environment. For all the modern philosophy of finding passion in your work and doing it with utmost loyalty, companies do not wish to extend the necessary conditions to encourage such cooperative work environment.

Social Networking and Companies

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Most youth today think it a privilege rather than a right if they find a job which is a right fit for them. Millennials are more prone to leave jobs that restrict their usage of social media sites or cannot afford them flexible working hours. The majority of the youth stays connected with their colleagues and bosses via social networks which create a more cordial and casual atmosphere than the stiff back culture that the last generation witnessed. If instructed otherwise, they find ways to circumvent such rules.

There are but a handful of companies who have been identified as attending to these needs of their employees such as Apple, Google, and Disney. This has lead to a mushrooming of youth entrepreneurs, determined to make their own way in today’s commercial world. More and more of youth today are driven to open their own ventures that showcase their value systems.

They are driven by more than money and seek satisfaction in doing their bit for the community. They are not only active on social media websites but are also active in their communities as well. They are doing work that portrays their personal growth goals. They are making sure that they are not caged by the corporate MNC cultures. They break the stereotypes and live their lives on their own terms.