Positive Affirmations for Confidence

Positive Affirmations for Confidence

Positive Affirmations for Confidence

Self confidence is nothing but self assuredness in one’s behavior , ability etc. It is the belief of believing in yourself to believe that one can accomplish whatever one sets out for and to overcome obstacles and challenges. Lack of self confidence is called timidness or timidity. Being afraid of failure is a sign of timidity. Self confidence Positive Affirmations will help you overcome timidity.

1. When I Breath , I Inhale Confidence and Exhale Timidity 


Positive Thinking

Have positive thoughts. Think good about others . These thoughts are always radiated outwards and that is how others perceive you. To have confidence from inside one has to have positive thoughts built up in the subconscious mind so that the positive energies make their person confident and timidities are exhaled out from the mind.

2.  I Love Meeting Strangers and Approach Them with Boldness and Enthusiasm


Build Inner Strength

This Affirmation boosts the confidence within oneself to meet and greet unknown persons also with great confidence , boldness andenthusiasm thus to generate a positive relation built up from the start which then helps in the long term to strengthen the relations.                                                                                                             

4. I Approve of Myself and Love Myself Deeply and Completely 


Live Happier

Dressing properly to the occasion and in general to and having a good posture by standing erect without stooping the shoulders , walking energetically and holding the head high , reflects self confidence and love for one-self which goes a long way in developing the positive energy within you .

5. I Live in the Present and am Confident of the Future


Live with Positive thoughts

Compliment others , by looking for the best in them , this indirectly brings out the best in you. By being happy in present circumstances you have a calm and peaceful mind so that you can easily plan out a firm and secure future for yourself. The Affirmation of living happily today gives a positive energy to the mind that everything is good and will be good too.

5. My Personality Exudes Confidence and I am Bold and Outgoing


6. I am Self-Reliant , Creative and Persistent in Whatever I Do


7. I am Energetic and Enthusiastic. Confidence is my Second Nature


8. I Always Attract only the Best of Circumstances and the Best Positive People in my Life


9. I am a Problem Solver. I Focus on Solutions and Always Find the Best Solution


10. I Love Change and Easily Adjust Myself to New Situations

11. I Love Challenges They Bring out the Best in Me


12. I am Well Groomed , Healthy and Full of Confidence


13. Nothing is Impossible and Life is Great


14. I Always See only the Good in others


15. I Face Difficult Situations With Courage and Conviction


 Develop an attitude of gratitude . Be grateful for all you have and thank in advance for everything you want. Self confidence affirmations , when repeated over and over again helps build self confidence.