5 Predictions of Artificial Intelligence in 2017

5 Predictions of Artificial Intelligence in 2017

5 Predictions of Artificial Intelligence in 2017

Artificial Intelligence was a hype and just another daydream seventeen years ago. At that time, you would talk to someone about objects that act and think like human beings, and they would think you are a jerk. A lot has changed since then. So unless you live in a world where technology is still a new concept, AI should not be a new subject to you at all. Following are the top 5 AI predictions of 2017.

1. Positive Reinforcement

positive reinforcement

This may not be the first time you’ve heard about reinforcement. The search engine giant, Google, is said to have used the exact same technology to make its data centers more efficient. Regardless, it hasn’t picked up quite well, and there is the likelihood that 2017 will be the year when Positive Reinforcement takes root.

Technology Evaluates behavior and the resulting effects of actions are attributed to the behavior itself. It is an intelligent approach used to determine whether the results are likely to be negative or otherwise. In 2017, this technology will help discover problems and then help determine the best tech solutions to the issues.

2. Dueling Neural Networks

artificial intelligence

It is not easy to predict whether a data is fake or legit unless there is an intelligent approach to determine it without putting too much time to work. But Dueling Neural Networks, an upcoming Artificial Intelligent technology, expected to launch later this year will help to solve the problem of data in accuracy. The network will generate its data from a training set. In the same network, there will be a system that will intelligently evaluate and separate accurate data from the fake ones. The AI technology will help to improve the quality of designs generated by computers. Also, it will be the best network from which one can generate the best video game scenery.

3. China’s AI Boom

chinas ai boom

China hasn’t been creative for quite a long time now. Of course, a lot of what they’ve created are a result of the inspiration drawn from the western world. Regardless, 2017 may mark China’s first revolutionary involvement and invention in the Artificial Intelligence Technology. The goal of the Chinese tech aspirants is to boost the standards of the country’s technology by investing in its AI and Technology-driven projects. The move to launch China’s AI Boom is of course an impressive one. So much, in fact, the government is willing to see this project blossom in 2018.

4. AI Hype May Be as Real a Again as Last Year

ai technology

Last year saw Rocket AI, a fake AI company, come to the market. And the company spread a lot of fallacies and nonsense about Artificial Intelligence. The deception wasn’t at all convincing, but then again, it did highlight some of the most important real life problems that needed solutions. 2017 may be another year for an intelligent hype in the AI technology.

5. Language Learning

language learning

A lot of research is still going on in AI technology as far as language learning is concerned, and 2017 may be the year in which we are likely to witness the same.