3 Ways Emotional Intelligence Helps in Decision Making

3 Ways Emotional Intelligence Helps in Decision Making

3 Ways Emotional Intelligence Helps in Decision Making

'Emotional intelligence' is a term often employed psychology that relates to identifying and making constructive use of both yours and other's emotions to the effect of performing tasks more efficiently. It can have a profound impact on many things and one of them is your decision-making skills.

The ability to create an action plan for resolving an issue while including the emotional impetus best-suited to accelerate a solution is something that you too can possess. It just takes a little understanding of how emotional intelligence can improve your decision-making skills. Here are 3 ways that it can enhance and improve your decision-making skills.

1. It Helps Remove the Dread of Making a Decision in the First Place

removes fear of decision

Emotional intelligence can help you to put that fear at bay that keeps you locked in inaction. It doesn't mean that you will be making emotionless decisions. We are humans after all. Rather, it helps you to identify which emotions will be useful and relate directly to a decision that needs to be made so that you can isolate and remove the ones that don't.

You can move from the stasis of indecision to a place where you are ready to move forward with confidence. This is the first way that it can help you. Once you are considering decisions, it helps in the next step.

2. It Helps You to Recognize Emotional Decisions

eq helps decision recognition

So you have a few ideas in mind now and are no longer paralyzed with fear. Are these decisions good ones? Emotional intelligence helps you to determine if the decisions that you are considering are motivated and rooted in a good emotional framework. Viewing a decision and its potential impact in this way is essential and it can help you avoid making rash decisions because you will be more centered and abled to recognize the core emotional influences of these decisions.

3. Eventually It Removes Emotions that don't Belong to the Decision

removes emotion of the decision

Emotional intelligence lets you do something very useful. Instead of completely scrapping an idea because there are too many non-constructive emotional influences involved, you can rather remove them and make a few changes to the flawed idea to use it. The instinct to completely scrap an idea for one or two flaws is a strong one and can be a mistake.

Maybe that initial idea was mostly good! Emotional intelligence lets you keep the good while removing the bad emotional influence so that you can keep something that might have been a good, if initially flawed, response to a problem.

We hope that you will take these lessons to heart to help you understand how emotional intelligence can positively impact your decision making skills. It is a powerful force for self-enhancement. Keep these points in mind and start working on your emotional intelligence if you haven't already. We believe you will appreciate the results!