Maintaining a Calm Positivity and Becoming a Source of Calmness

Maintaining a Calm Positivity and Becoming a Source of Calmness

Maintaining a Calm Positivity and Becoming a Source of Calmness

Maintaining a calm positive presence , we could say a spiritual presence all day long takes us working on and understanding five different facet of our lives continually. We have to be vigilant always. If this thought triggers a negative reaction in you, like “ I don’t want to do this’ or “I can’t be bothered ” the negativity has already over taken you. This is how quickly and seemingly innocuously our positive presence can be lost.

So what are the 5 facets of your life that  have to work on to achieve this?

1. Workon Becoming Certain of Knowing what the Real you Feels Like

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Maintain Momentum in Life

You are found in those moments of quiet meditation, when you feel relaxed and all is well in your world. The real you feels calm, positive, happy content with your world even if you face challenges. When you doing something you love and the world seems to stand still. When you sitting somewhere relaxing and you feel a calmness descend upon you.Your thoughts become clear your decisions balanced and thoughtful. Your intention and result align.

Many of us mistakenly identify ourselves with our negative thoughts,beliefs and action.

Saying to ourselves “I am no good” “I am weak” “I am not good enough” “I’m angry” the list goes on and on. This is not who you truly are.You are calm happy and positive but you have to believe this not me.

2. We have Under 1 Second to Understand a Situation

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Positive Attitude In Life

In any moment we have under a second to understand what changed our vibe, feelings or thoughts and what to do about or our calmness we leave us, being replaced by all manner of negative thoughts ,feelings or behaviours. True personal growth occurs in taking these individual situations and learning from them.One step at a time.

What just happened?

What could have done differently?

This is enlightenment one step at a time. One exercise that will help here is consciously learning to increase the intention in our presence. The intention in our presence has to be equal to or slightly stronger than the negativity that we walked into or walked into our presence.

How do you do this?

In a moment of quiet meditation consciously imagine increasing the intention in your presence from your central chest area. Practice doing this. Then relax again. Imagine meeting any negativity that surrounds you with this intention. Now you’re ready for the negativity that exist in the world. You might be just reading a book quietly at home and someone rushing in upset or frustrated , you have to deal with it.Instantly increase the intention in your presence and then handle the situation as you see fit from a calm yet firm presence. Any negative reaction you have to any situation is your responsibility and you can change it.

How do l know this because I have been married for 30 years live with both my mother and mother in law have raised two children and am now a foster parent taking on abused children.

3. Learn to Self Session

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Start Practicing Self-Love

Any situation has the potential to trigger a negative reaction is us.To change these negative reaction learning to self- session is essential. Self -sessioning which l still do today is all about thinking about the emotional reaction you experience to a situation. Feeling and releasing this reaction then asking yourself .In order to react the way I did in that situation what is the negative belief I hold about myself ?Here are a few common ones.

I’m angry, I’m not good enough,I hate anger, I fear rejection,I don’t want to deal with this etc etc

Once you have the negative belief you write out it’s personality(I call these negative personalities (NP)) as if it is separate to you.As you write out it’s personality it will begin to separate from the real you. If you close your eyes you will see this as a shape. You then do a clearing session on this.Imagineyour above yourself doing the session. Look back and forward at yourself and the negative personality until the NP disappears.  You should now feel relaxed about the situation that previously triggered a negative reaction in you.

Once the negative personality has been released you ask yourself two questions.

1. How has this negative personality been affecting my life, health and relationships?

2. How would the real me have handled the situation?

Then you see how you handle the same situation again in the future.

A Negative personality is like a weed in your spiritual garden it may need sessioning a number of times before it is completely gone from your life