Love is An Emotion

Love is An Emotion

Love is An Emotion

Love is an emotion. A double edged sword, to those who believe the emotion is indeed a reality. The dichotomy of love sadly also houses hate; meaning without love, hate would be non-existent. In today’s society, love is fueled by mainstream media in songs and films threading relationships together with those who have trouble communicating their emotional experiences specific to them.

We as humans feel emotion subsequently creating a barrier of vulnerabilities which can lead people into an emotional abyss of hurt initiating hate; without vulnerability love is useless.

1. Feel The Love

feel the love

Start Practicing Love

I fell deeply in love when I was 24.  I didn’t understand it because I had never felt it before—I felt things that I wasn’t prepared to feel, leading me to want and knowmore.  It was like a drug and I had become an addict, sub-serving to the ecstasy it nourished me with.

I realized that I fell in love because I was exposed to a new dynamic in this person that made me a better version of me.  There was no jealousy. No deceit. It was pure and very real. My senses became much more alert. He had a specific smell distinguishing him from others that is permanently bound to my brain.

2. Emotional Experience

emotional experience

Listen to Your Life

I later became a mother.  And, again I felt the same barrage of feelings that had hit me at breakneck speeds; but, more intense because I recognized it.  It was the same—I had consistency in my emotional experience, reassuring me that what I had sub-served to wasn’t limited.

The realization I had succumbed to was that I understood the difference with vain love—being in love with someone who doesn’t love you back. I had experienced vain love with my initial encounter. I distinguished the yin and yang of love—meaning discovered the fed path of balance in mutual beings; a mother’s love with her child.

3. Love Feast

love feast

Love Within is the Love 

You realize the consistency in truth when proven to be constant.  For example, the statement that two plus two equates to four is proven to be true, and because of the ubiquitous truth historically and geographically, it is in fact true without confusion.  The alternative to truth is faith. Faith is the gap of knowledge, not only affiliated with practices of religion, but in all occurrences of life—especially love.

To sustain relationships—faith is the vulnerability that masques uncertainty in the other part, but when faith is destroyed the hate flows into existence.  Love is the hardest emotion to understand due to the many other feelings it’s often confused with.

4. Committed to Life

committed to life

Dream Life

Marriage is a ritual that is now essential to love.  Two people that love each other, equally committed and dedicate their lives to one another. Sadly, marriage has seemed to have lost its sanctity due to uncertainty and feelings of entrapment. It has become a social façade bound by emotional red tape.

What most people tend to lack is patience when deciding who they marry, fulfills equivalence and familiarity to other emotions that they’ve experienced instead becoming obliged to social pressures following procedural standards set by our cultures.