Laziness vs Procrastination

In the red corner, favored by slobs everywhere, the couch laying, chip chomping, trait Laziness! In the blue corner, the frenemy of office workers and college students, why do today what you can do tomorrow, Procrastination!

Today let's sit down and compare these two anti-productivity powerhouses and see what really makes them tick. This is Laziness vs Procrastination



lazy definition

Laziness is defined as the unwillingness to do a task even though you have the capability to do so.

By this definition, it can be inferred that laziness is the act of not acting. It is you doing absolutely nothing even if you can very much do the task given.


dodging the work

Procrastination is dodging a task, it is doing something else rather than immediately acting. 

By this definition, Procrastination is doing things that are often unimportant instead of a big task which needs to be accomplished. it is beating around the bush before going after the prize.



actions for laziness

People who are lazy can be seen doing but are not limited to : Sleeping, coming up with a convoluted shortcut to minimize effort, staying indoors for a large amount of time, sleeping some more, eating a lot while staying still. A lot of actions done by lazy people require little to no effort


playing games

People who procrastinate can often be seen playing solitaire amidst a coming deadline, playing video games, watching tv, or sometimes even doing housework. People who procrastinate usually do actions that require close to or even more effort, to be honest, than the task they were avoiding.

Pros and Cons


  • Laziness can reward you with comfort, a lot of rest, and minimal chances of failing since you never tried to do anything in the first place
  • Laziness can get people around you frustrated, you'll probably not accomplish much being lazy.


  • You can get other stuff done, you can mentally prepare yourself for the large task
  • You get constrained in time. You get more stressed.

Both of these traits can hinder productivity. Both of them are beasts in their own right. But in the end which is better to have? laziness? or procrastination? I'm going to leave that for you to decide who wins the epic battle of Laziness v Procrastination: Dawn of Anti-Productivity.

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