Tips for Eternal Self Motivation

Tips for Eternal Self Motivation

Tips for Eternal Self Motivation

Siddhartha Gautama was amidst those people who had renounced the world a couple of centuries before Christ. He began his search for all answers and hurt himself by living on a grain of rice, sleeping on nails, among others. Yet, he didn’t achieve what he wanted to. But one day, when he gained his thought, he summarized that all our answers lie within.

Similarly, all the solutions to our problems lie within. Self-motivation is the best way to move forward, instead of looking towards outer sources which can disappoint.

1. The First and Last Rule!

first rule of self motivation

When you consider any moment, any event, any attempt, or anything at all- consider that as your first and last one. When you consider it first, you’ll bring all the freshness and energy into it, and when you consider it as last, you’ll be bringing in everything you have got without anything held back. This way, you’ll be giving your best fresh attempt with all you’ve got into it and the chances of failing automatically come down.

2. Set Big Goals in Area of Your Passion!

set big goals

Big goals can be detrimental unless they are in the area of your passion. Therefore making goals about things you’re passionate about can help in being your ultimate self-motivator at all times. It acts as the spark to be able to do one more thing a day instead of ending a day. It can even make mundane tasks or jobs go through as you now have a plan of after-life, other than the current job you hold. Yes, this will help especially those who are stuck in the wrong job.

3. Break it up in Parts!

divide the plans

Now that you have your goal ready, break that up in parts. Make the parts achievable in short term and set plans for them. Set a reward system in place wherein you reward yourself once you have achieved a part of the goal. Imagine this, a marathon runner doesn’t start of thinking he has to run 42 km. He’ll start thinking about laps, and each lap will give his brain a victory signal that they’re on the right path.

4. Find a Routine!

monitir the goals

Now that you’ve broken your goal into parts, work on a routine to get things done on a daily or weekly level. Monitor them by keeping records. You’ll have dual benefit- one you’ll get into practice which will help you all your life. And the other, you’ll be able to measure your growth, know what’s working and what isn’t working and then change your plans accordingly with the final goal in sight.

5. Do More than Work!

do more than work

If you’re passionate about something, you might be thinking that all day-night. If you’re in an unwanted job and working extra for your passion, it might be even worse. But remember this, change is good. It helps re-energize you. Take break at times, watch movies, read books, have a fitness plan wherein you spend daily 30 minutes running or at the gym.

They’ll also help you develop overall into better beings. Movies and books are in themselves great source of motivation. Fitness lets you work better, improving both physical and mental limits. It also gives you measurable results which can add to your motivation.