How to Make Little Things Fall into Place

How to Make Little Things Fall into Place

How to Make Little Things Fall into Place

A lot number of  times  we ask the question to ourselves that why  only bad things have to happen to us, or maybe we seek answers as to why good thingsonly happen to others.

Let it go

let things go

Sometimes we sit around wishing things would happen and everything will fall into its place automatically, but we don’t put in enough effort to make changes. Or sometimes, we do everything in our power , but they still don’t  happen and it frustrates us . Everything will fall into place if you let it go, if you stop over thinking. Of course this doesn’t mean we will sit around waiting for every good thing to happen to us. We need to put in at least some efforts and stay positive for good outcomes.



By having hope we can expect things to improve and become better in future. We need to keep hope and faith alive . We need to believe in ourselves and also believe in others. We must need to learn how  to love ourselves before we can love others. We need to serve others . We also need to be true to ourselves and learn how to trust others. We need to have faith . And  for every step of the way we must believe  that we are  leading ourselves  on a path that will help us grow. The concept of waiting  is also considered as a spiritual habit. It is the single greatest antidote to anxiety and tension. It’s a spiritual discipline that one must learn to do or you will be under stress your entire life.

Focus is the key


This is what it means to wait on and let things happen on their own if you begin to feel that nothing you do is making things turn in your favor,  you just need to sit down and shut up. Find a place to be quiet and sit still in silence. Don’t read anything. Don’t pray. Just take some deep breaths, sit and say to yourself  that , “I’m just going to wait for you.”

It’s amazing what a calming ability this has on your heart and mind. “Those who wait on  will find new strength. … They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint”.

Your plans will then automatically  want  to talk to you through your mind. If you aren’t hearing yourself , it’s because you aren’t making time in your schedule to find a solution by listen to yourself. You’re too busy listening to your iPod, playing with your iPad, watching television, playing video games or talking on your cell phone. You might be overworking.

If you wish things to fall in their place , you surely need to sit in silence and concentrate on the odds and evens and give a deep thought to possible solutions to the issues faced and sooner or later either you will find a solution or a route to that solution, perhaps a guiding thought will open up and carry you through to a solution.

Cut off the distractions

cut off distractions

Turn off all the electronics and remove yourself from all the distractions. Find a comfortable place and sit there. Tell yourself that  you’re waiting to hear solution to your problem  and then listen. Be quiet. Just be there as simply and honestly as you can manage. The focus will shift from your problems to finding solutions , and you will begin to sense the presence of many options or routes to your problems.

When your world falls apart, you want to put it back together instantly, but that won’t happen. It didn’t fall apart instantly, and it’s going to take time to put things back together. But wait in patience, because always the  timing is perfect and solution crops up just when it is required the most or you begin to lose hope , you do see a ray of hope….If there is anything that causes fear or doubt, then the only way to get rid of it is to have faith in your abilities and assure yourself that everything will fall in place sooner or later. When you don’t feel like praying is when you need it the most, even if you think that you are perfectly happy.

Guess what ?  I have had these similar feelings numerous times before and the reason which cause these feelings and thoughts are selfishness, carelessness, sadness, Fear , Doubt, Anger, Frustration. But never give up on yourself  and you will eventually succeed. Everything will eventually fall into its place. Perhaps we do not realize and are too blind in the heart to see or feel it.

This is where the efforts need to take place when you take over and control your thoughts. You yourself choose how you feel and react to things. If one negative or bad thought , even for just a second , more bad thoughts are there to make an appearance. One bad thought turns into a chain of bad thoughts , if you let it. If you feed on these thoughts , you will become so used to it that you will always find yourself feeling this way. Stop these thoughts no matter how impossible it seems . With faith, anything is possible. Let things fall into place. Live your life , try your hardest , and do the best you can. Everything will make sense and your  questions will be answered ,  when you are ready for them.