10 Ways to Show off Your Success

10 Ways to Show off Your Success

10 Ways to Show off Your Success

We've been taught to be humble and quite about our achievements and successes but present day requires us to do more PR activities, and talking about our success can certainly bring more of the same. It is also important to build credibility, and also have people learn the hard lessons you learned in a much simpler way.

Some ways to show off your success are:

1. Social Media

social media

Social media is one of the ways to show your success without sounding so important or narcissistic by being generous and not having each of your shares talk about the same. Instead, you could focus on some posts where you talk about your achievements.

2. Use Blogs

use blogs

Blogging is another way of talking about your story without sounding as if you are bragging about your successes. Blogging is also a great way to communicate and market yourself if you do that properly and regularly enough.

3. Be Humorous

be humorous

Talking about your success with some humor is a great way to keep the tone down and yet make sure you score the point. It also reduces the bragging part of the story.

4. Talk about Challenges

talk about challenges

Talking about the challenges you faced and how you overcame them can be a great learning experience for some people. It is one of the most sought of stuff over the web and in real life, and if you can do that effectively, you'll have a following and people will take you and your success seriously.

5. Have a Wingman

have a wingman

Having someone else talk about you while you talk about them works much better than having to do the talking yourself. It is especially useful in the case of success stories of yourself which eventually lead to marketing.

6. Don’t Carry the Tone of Complaint

dont talk a tone of compliment

Don’t try to have a tone of complaint while trying to be humble. If you’re talking about your achievements, best talk about it like how you’ll talk about them with your friends.

7. Go to Entrepreneurship Events

entrepreneurship events

Plenty of events happens these days, especially with the startup boom. Joining them and sharing your successes is one of the ways how making the achievement part work.

8. Do Vlogging

video blogging

A Vlogging or Video blogging is an effective medium of information exchange. Plenty of experts talk about their expertise on YouTube and gain following based on how useful or good they are. If you have something educational about your expertise, it will help you talk about that and success subtle.

9. Assume Poker Face

poker face

Talking about the successes with a straight face, in almost a deadpan voice and expressions, is one of the ways to make sure the focus remains on the story itself, and you don’t appear to be bragging.

10. Write an Autobiography

write biography

If you’ve achieved enough success in terms of numbers and achievements, maybe it is a time to think about that autobiography, or a coffee table book with pictures and experiences, which can help you to sell your success.