7 Best Alternatives to Going to College

7 Best Alternatives to Going to College

7 Best Alternatives to Going to College

Since time immemorial we have been tabooed against quitting college. We have inherited the belief that only with college education we can aim for a financially independent better life. Time has changed; let us accept the fact that going to college is not the only best thing for everyone.

Here are 7 best alternatives to going to college for you to ponder upon.

1. Hone Your Skills

hone your skills

You need not be a bookworm to attain success in life. Pursue your skill and hone it to convert your talent into the profession. You can achieve milestones only if your heart goes for it. For example, if you are exceptionally good at computer hardware, you need not attend 4 years of regular college, instead you can attend a trade school that guarantees a blue collar job.

Usually trade schools and vocational colleges offer one-year training cum education. You can save 3 precious years of your life.

2. Embark on a Business

embark business

If you have the acumen of a businessman, take the road that’s least travelled. Instead of wasting your time in college you can start up your business with a small investment and lead it to the epitome of success. We all know about Steve Jobs who started his business from a simple garage.

3. Opt for Online Classes

opt for online courses

Today we are blessed with high-end technology. Make the best use of it and opt for online classes. You can attend lectures and learn whatever you are interested in without wasting your time, energy and money in traveling.

Many websites like YouTube offer free lectures and by paying a small fee you can attain university-verified certificates. The online courses are as good as college education with added value of practical skills that will come handy in your professional life.

4. Nurture Yourself to be an Artist or a Player

nuture yourself as artist

If you are a good artist or a player you can enroll for further professional learning in the same field instead of attending regular college with regular courses whose certificate will simply lie in a corner of your house gathering dust. If possible, shift to an art-friendly city and get coached under professional peers and mentors and make yourself visible in a stream you have command on.

5. Get a Job or Do an Apprentice

get a job

Even if you are planning to attend a college, get into a real time job, however small it may appear, to earn experience on other expenses. An exposure to work life culture for a year or so before college can enhance your learning and experience. By the time you go to college, you will be well equipped with customer service, managing work-life balance and you would have also learned to budget your income.

6. You can Join Army

join in army

Many of you must have dreamt of lending your services in the military. Well, after school is the time when you can materialize your dream. You do not need a college degree to join the military. Not everyone desires for an academic excellence so why to earn one when you can get several benefits by joining the military like a handsome salary, free medical check-up, no living costs, etc.

7. Volunteer and Go Around the World

volunteer and go around the world

You are finally free to explore the world and pursue your dream after high school; so get some real life experiences. One way of doing it is by joining volunteer services. It is not hidden that people in several parts of this world are waiting for someone to help them. Your philanthropic heart will be content only if you offer your services to less fortunate people.