5 Myths about Time Management

5 Myths about Time Management

5 Myths about Time Management

It's not necessary to strenuously work day in and out to maximise your productivity and prove your worth. Most people would like to achieve their goals in less time, with lesser efforts and lower stress. We get easily consumed by insignificant stuffs and end up wasting precious time instead of doing things that are really important.

It's important to identify the critical skills and strategies which are required to achieve the desired goals in a focused and effective manner. There are many misconceptions and myths about time management which deters us from the path to success. Here are five common myths about time management.

1. If You Manage Your Time, You can do it All

do all with time management

You cannot save time or control it. The number of things to do outweighs the time you have at hand. No matter how well you plan, at the end of the day, you will find that there are still things left to be done.The best option is to focus on the important and let go of the insignificant things. You can never save time as time just keeps ticking away.You can either use time wisely or waste it.

2. Sticking to a Schedule Makes You More Efficient

sticking to schedule more efficient

Having good organisational skills and a well planned out schedule does not mean that you will meet your deadlines. Unexpected things may come up suddenly and throw you off your schedule. You will have to make changes as and when required in such scenarios.

3. A "To Do" List Makes You More Productive

stick to a schedule

"To do" lists are just reminders of things you haven't finished doing yet. The true purpose of such lists is to prioritise your tasks. They are effective only if you sort, prioritise and control tasks rather than just use it as a list of things to do.

4. Multitasking Helps You to Get More Things done in Less Time

multi tasking helps

Multitasking actually slows down the processing of information and reduces productivity and thereby the quality of the outcome is compromised. Our brains cognitive ability is naturally wired to focus on one task at a time. Every time we switch our focus to another task, our brain is forced to reorient its attention to perform it. While this refocusing and readjusting take place repeatedly, significant time is lost which in turn makes us less productive and less efficient.

5. Delegation Invites Trouble

delgation invites trouble

If you are stressed and overloaded with work, just brush up your delegation skills. Delegating tasks to others can reduce stress and the work pressure on you. With good managerial skills you can achieve good results by delegating smaller tasks to others and work as a team. Delegation promotes self-worth and boosts morale.

Avoid falling for these time management myths. Time management is a skill and practice makes it perfect. Master what works for you.