7 Things to do to Impress Your Boss

7 Things to do to Impress Your Boss

7 Things to do to Impress Your Boss

One of the key problems of concerning jobs is not knowing how to tackle your boss. It becomes a headache for both the person and his or her boss if there are prevailing problems between them. These problems can be solved quite simply by following some of the tips.

Certainly, there's no need for buttering, but you can impress your boss for a better job experience and mutual admiration.

1. Know Your Boss

know your boss

Understanding needs to be on both ways, and if you wish your boss to understand the challenges you are going to go through, it will be good you start with learning about your boss's challenges. It also helps you appreciate him rather than rebel against someone superior, and when you bring about some of the challenges he/she faced in a mild manner, you’ll have the next level of interactions.

2. Be On Time

be on time

Being on time doesn’t necessarily mean coming to office on time. It includes this, and much more, like submitting assignments on time and following proper deadlines, being on time for social interactions, and so on. Punctuality is a trait every boss loves, and if you follow that, sooner or later you’ll enter the favorites list of the boss.

3. Keep Clean and Tidy Workspace

keep workplace clean

A messy workspace doesn't attract anyone. Keeping things clean and tidy at the workspace, including when you visit the other departments where there's no direct responsibility of anyone but a collective responsibility of everyone is one of the important ways of mainstays of being liked by people around, including the boss.

4. Known about the Industry

know more about industry

Read more about the industry your company deals in, the trends, what may happen in future, and so on. Read opinions of experts, read peer-reviewed papers, participate in discussions to gain more insights. Learning more about the industry you operate in is imperative to creating more value for the employer as you'll be able to contribute more and understand the processes much better.  

5. Do the Extras

do the extras

Simple tasks such as fixing jammed printing machine or copying machine, and other such things, which can easily be learned using google but require time to fix if an engineer has to visit can make you stand out. It is truly an easy fixing most things these days with the aid of google, or giving the correct suggestions on how to get it working quickly. Leveraging google can be helpful in standing out.

6. Be Proactive

be proactive

Being proactive really means preparing for the situations beforehand and helping the company with future insights. So a proactive employ can warn of something that might happen - as small as a switch that's sparking and may cause more damage, and as big as reporting on dropping of shares of a company that may affect your company. 

7. Be Well Read

be well read

Being well-read is certainly one of the things that impress most people. Reading regular newspapers, magazines, along with selected quality novels and story anthologies is one of the ways to keep your mind working well too.