Believe In Yourself And You’ll Change Your Life

Believe In Yourself And You’ll Change Your Life

Believe In Yourself And You’ll Change Your Life

”If You Believe You Can Or You Believe You Can’t, Either Way You’re Right. Henry Ford”

A key ingredient in creating success and change in your life, is understanding how much of your life is controlled by your beliefs. You may have heard this before, and thought to yourself, “just how can I change my thoughts & beliefs” and “how did I come to believe them in the first place.” 

1. Let’s Start With What Are Beliefs?


Beliefs That Trick You

Simply beliefs are those things that we continually think. We often fall in to believing myths about our beliefs that keep us stuck or trapped in the same belief pattern. The first myth is that beliefs are personal. What we are believing is not the same as what other people are believing. Two or three people can look at exactly the same event, situation or crisis and have different beliefs about it and all will be right. Yet we all get stuck in the rut of believing that our beliefs are right and anyone who holds different beliefs is wrong. Some beliefs are built from shared experiences for example we all believe that gravity works. This is the kind of belief which comes from proven universal laws and external facts that are shared by the whole of humanity.

However, most of our beliefs are not as clear. They are about ourselves and our experiences of the world we live in. Who we are, what is bad for us, what is good for us, who we should trust, who likes us. These beliefs are could be shared by smaller group of people that have shared or seen our experiences, they are our friends, family, our community or they are just personal to us as an individual. 

2. Where Do our Beliefs Come From?


Values Towards Life

When you look back over your life and think about “when did I first start believing this way?” how far back can you remember? Can you see where you formed a new belief? Was it always there? Did it come from your childhood, did it come from copying a person you respect? Did something traumatic happen in your life that lead you to a particular belief?  There are many circumstances and situations that will lead us to think of something to be true, so much so that it becomes a belief that sticks with us indefinitely. Maybe you can think of a time in your life where you changed how you believed?  What happened that created that change? 

I do want to point out that beliefs and core values are not the same. Our core values are those fundamental statements about what is most important to us. They are important as they really are the foundation of our entire believe system. It is vitally important that you know what your core values are so that you can align your values and beliefs together.

3. How Do our Beliefs Support Us?


Increase Your Positivity

Have you heard the saying you have on rose coloured glasses beliefs are like rose coloured lens, they colour how we look at the world. They distort, reshape and change the information that we absorb from all around us through our senses. This creates our view of the world.What we think, becomes what we belief, becomes how we act or react to the world around us.  If you truly believe you should do something or think something then you will, just by starting the process of thinking those thoughts. It creates a cycle of actions and learning about and from the world around us. It is difficult for you to learn anything or do anything that you believe is going to be unpleasant or bad for you. And more often than not, this thinking is not at all true. 

You can also think about this example, it is the well-known medical “placebo effect”.  This is simply someone believing that what you are doing or taking is “more”.  It might be just water or a sugar pill but the belief is such that you believe it will cure you, it is known to be as effective as a real drug.  Our mind, our thoughts, our beliefs can impact us on such a magnitude that it can change our physical bodies, for good or bad. Beliefs can have a shockingly powerful grip on your mind, body and spirit. 

4. Do You Have Limiting Beliefs?


Build Inner Strength Through Positive Thoughts

Beliefs can shape our world by affecting the way we perceive it and by affecting the way that we react to it. We have also seen how powerful they can be. This can make them a fantastic tool for good or bad. Positive thoughts and beliefs that support your future goals and core values will produce very amazing results. However, you have almost certainly acquired a few or many limiting beliefs during your lifetime. Those limiting beliefs often begin with you saying “I can’t” or “it is impossible”. We are so stuck in the pattern of believing this that we do not even know if it is true. Maybe it is but maybe it isn’t. The danger is that you are automatically applying these beliefs to your entire life. You are jeopardizing your future success by not being able to see past that belief.  

How often do we interpret “I don’t know how” into “I can’t“, I fear that it is more often than most are willing to admit to. Not knowing how to do something, shows there is a next step. “I can’t is a belief that you keep thinking that keeps you stuck.  These, you can move through, learn it, study it, master it, then just do it. But there is an even worse kind of limiting belief, one that is not based on the truth at all but on some belief that has been instilled into by your parents, your friends, and your society. If you believe that you’re destined to be poor or that you’re not capable of making money, well the outcome is inevitable. 

5. Are Your Beliefs Really True?

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Positive Thinking Affirmations

Think very carefully about your beliefs. Every time you are aware of yourself saying those “I can’t statements, identify them and write them down. Ask yourself just how much harm are they doing you?  Is it really true or is it something that I gained from somewhere else? Do you really want to let them impact your chance of success? 

When you find yourself making one of those “I can’t statements, turn it into a How can I. I can’t make more money becomes “How can I make more money”. “I can’t lose weight” becomes “How can I lose weight”. “I can’t find a good job” becomes “How can I find a good job”.Can you feel the difference? Can you feel how empowering it is? How there is a subtle sift in your thoughts? Awareness to your own beliefs is the first step to making a change. Changing your thoughts is the second.  Change your thoughts, change your beliefs, change your actions, change your life.