How does Self-concept Effect Communication

How does Self-concept Effect Communication

How does Self-concept Effect Communication

Self-concept is nothing but the self-identity of a person, and it refers to the ideas one holds a person for himself or herself. These ideas might vary from sexual preference, academic mind, cultural identity, personality as well as physical characteristics to a person.

Whereas communication mainly depends on how we interact with others and how one compare himself or herself to the others, to the environment and to the people around them. The self-concept has a direct impact on our communication with others. We should know that our vocabulary and the tone of voice indicate how we feel about ourselves. The impression that we make to others with our daily contacts and interaction with them are the indicators of our self-concept.

Our Vocabulary and the Tone of Voice which we Use in our Communication

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There is a definite connection between the word self-concept and the communication. Our speech habits and the voice inflection plays a major in portraying the image of ourselves. People with low self-esteem have frequently used negative communication whereas people with positive self-concept make a positive statement to others. Their voice is enthusiastic, and the manners in which they communicate to others show that they are confident. Hence, we can say that poor self-concept is the cause of poor communication too. If a person has a low self-concept, his voice will indicate his self-image as he will not be able to communicate properly with others. Therefore we cannot ignore the importance of self-concept in our communication.

As we know that self-concept plays a significant role in our communication, the higher the self-concept there is chance to leave a positive impression to others. On the other hand, the lower the self-concept of a person there is a possibility to leave negative impression or the negative image to other.


There is a link between the self-concept and the communication as communication from others affects our self-concept. It also affects how we communicate with other people.If we view ourselves as unintelligent and unconfident, then we will not be able to communicate with others willingly or happily. It is not only that we won’t want to communicate, but others won’t communicate with us too.

In general, people don’t want to be associate with someone who is negative and unhappy of own self. We have a low self-concept. Hence, it is very much necessary to have a good image and feeling of ourselves to go a long way in the world of communication. When you have a negative self-concept, you will not want to communicate with others as you believe that everyone views you as you view yourself and others are not interested in what you want to communicate with them. On the other hand, if you have a positive self-concept, you will want to share your ideas and thoughts with others because you believe in them.

That is the reason we can say that positively communicating with others have some positive self-concept too, and it plays significant impact. Our self-concept is one of the main ingredients of our inner being, and therefore, it directly affects our communication. Those people who have very strong self-concept can have a conversation with anyone at any time. Nothing can make them feel out of place, and they can fit themselves anywhere in the social settings. When a person is a can communicate positive or negatively it largely depends on the self-concept of the person.