Building Value Oriented Families for Value Driven Communities

Building Value Oriented Families for Value Driven Communities

Building Value Oriented Families for Value Driven Communities

A family with great values will become a foundation of stability in their neighborhood. Great communities are built on families who embrace and uphold outstanding values. These values give order and direction in the life of a family and sets family members on a course toward achievement, recognition, and respect in the world.

Powerful families can create meaningful change in a community. Because such families value peaceful habitation, they do what is necessary to build quality into the environment in which they live.  They watch out for their neighbors, pick up litter and recycle it; they make sure that the environment is safe and secure from people who would rather ruin by means of crime and drugs.

Becoming a value oriented family means that each member demonstrates love, inspires personal growth and embraces excellence.

Demonstrates Love


Love is the factor that unites and empowers great families across the world. Without love, we cannot maintain a powerful connection with our loved ones. Love enables us to forgive when everything in us craves revenge. Love enables us to see beyond the deed and see the inner person who has exceptional value.

Families who practice good values support each other through every endeavor, regardless of how long and hard the road to success may be. That’s what real love does. It forgets about itself and focuses on the needs of others.

Inspires Personal Growth

Personal growth is highly encouraged among value-oriented families.  Idleness and contentment with sameness are discouraged. Each family member helps identify the weakness of the other and encourages growth in those areas.

Embraces Excellence

Great families don’t accept anything less than the best from each member. Giving up and throwing in the tile is the mark of a person who loves mediocrity. But what makes great families unstoppable in their pursuit of excellence is that they view failure as a stepping stone. To fail and get back up is that sign of an eventual triumph.

The Demand for Strong Families Units

In America and across the world there is a strong need for value-oriented families. By such units, whole communities and societies are forever progressive.  Neighborhoods bloom with safety and security, neighbors become friends, environments become greener, schools excel with academics and businesses prosper with growth.  

For non-value oriented families, the opposite is true. The image of such an environment is a tragic one. The communities are a disaster, consisting of broken homes, abusive relationships, unclean environments, and crime ridden streets. In such communities, people stay isolated. Many are afraid to walk the streets or stay outside after dark.

The absence of a strong, value-oriented families become evident in such places. Unfortunately, such communities continue to multiply in the inner cities and rural areas of America.

Promoting Strong Family Values in the Community

Value oriented community is a necessity for a strong society. But all magnificent societies start with the psychological and emotional health of the family unit. Therefore, all initiatives must begin with connecting with families and educating them about what it takes to create a strong community. Unless an individual is willing to engage with families first, the effort to bring about strong communities will be elusive.

A collaboration of value-driven families will create a vibrant environment filled with safety, confidence, and progressiveness. But a selfish driving community will destroy the quality of the neighborhood as well as the hope for togetherness.

Those who launch value driven initiative must be able to engage families in a face to face communication. Such an experience demonstrates to families that you are sincere about creating a value oriented community where respect, well-being and peace among neighbors take center court.

Strong community leaders who champion great values are in serious demand in some of the most oppressive communities across America. You are I are welcome to take the lead.

Once again, strong families are the foundation of a powerful community. The more families that buy into embracing great values, the more a neighborhood, a local school or group of businesses will prosper.

I was fortunately enough to be surrounded by value-oriented family members who bowed at nothing less than excellence. Many times when I wanted to throw in the towel, I had others there to motivate and push me beyond what I thought of myself. This should be the norm of every family who desires to change society, regardless of how minimum the influence may be.