How Do You Define Success

How Do You Define Success

How Do You Define Success

The title of this post poses what is on the surface of it a pretty simple question.  However, getting to an answer may stump you a little.

As a society we are sold we need to chase certain things to be considered successful. 

More money.

More status.

More responsibility.

More awards.

More cars.

A bigger house. 

A lot of mores and a lot of bigger is betterseem to be the mantra of the masses.

This fits with some of us but also rings hollow for others.  We chase these goals because we think we should.  We are sold by others that we’ll be successful if we do achieve them. 

However, a funny thing can happen.  We do achieve these goals and we’re left feeling flat.  No sense of accomplishment.  No sense of elation or celebration.  Is this what success feels like?

1. Is Your Vision of SuccessYours?


Vision that Inspires

Are you really clear on your vision of success?

Do you own it or is it just a second hand vision that you think you should be shooting for?

It’s easy for us to fall into the trap of absorbing what we think success looks like without ever really thinking about what this means to us personally.  My version of successful will be different to your version of successful I am sure but too many of us talk of success in fixed terms.

2. Other Ways of Gauging Success


Courage To Change

What if we started to view success in broader terms?

What if we viewed having more undistracted time for our loved ones as successful?

What if we viewed having enough (not just more for the sake of more) money in the bank as successful?

What if we saw freedom of choice and flexibility in our work as successful rather than pats on the back and awards?

What if we saw filling our lives with positive experiences and people as successful rather than chasing more physical possessions?

Wouldn’t this lead us closer to a vision of success that is more tangible?  A version of success that means more to us deep down. 

3. Turn the Noise of the Naysayers Down


Negative into Positive

Worth noting here.To be successful in our lives we have to get used to the idea of tuning out the naysayers along the way.

People love to put barriers up telling us “we can’t”,“that’s not the way it’s done”and other such dead ends.  This often comes down to their own fears or beliefs spoken out loud. 

This may be especially true if we chase a brand of success that isn’t easy for other people to understand or categorise. 

Others can get nervous if they can’t pack us up neatly into little boxes of this is who they are.  They can take our approach as a challenge to their own.  Perhaps it unearths something in them they are not comfortable with. 

Not our problem.

We can choose a different path.  A path free of negativity and fear.  A path fuelled by our own intuition and drive instead.  A path that is ours.

4. Own Your Version of Success


Commandments of Successful Individuals

Set your aim where suits you.  That might be high, broad or far-reaching or it may be not too far from where you are now.  The important thing is that you define what success will look like for you.

 Work hard towards your goals and live your own brand of a successful life.