Grounding For a Sense Of Confidence

Grounding For a Sense Of Confidence

Grounding For a Sense Of Confidence

1. What is “Grounding”?


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Grounding means having a sense that your feet are touching the ground. That’s why it’s called “grounding” from the word “ground”. Your feet always touch the ground in a mechanical sense, of course, but in an energetic sense it might be different. It is possible to not actually feel the floor you are standing on.

You can be so in your head that you disconnect in a sense, from the immediate reality you are living in. Daydreaming, brain-fog, absent-mindedness: are all examples of momentarily disconnecting from reality. We all experience it from time to time.

It’s not dangerous; it might even be healthy. But what happens when it becomes a permanent state? I would know, right, if that happened to me. I think I would! How could I not? It’s my body, not someone else’s. Well you’re wrong! Let me ask you something: If you were born in a prison-cell, and someone told you everyone in the world is living this way, all around the world.

Everyone in the world lives in a prison-cell. No one is free. And it’s wrong to try to live otherwise. Let’s assume they told you that. You would believe it! Because that is the only reality you know.

A friend walks up to you. He/she tells you: “Bro, you are way overthinking this; you’re too much in your head”. You look like a stuck-up dork, chronic over-thinker—and you can’t stop it.

You can’t do anything about it. No way around the bullet. However, you’re not always like this; like everyone, you have moments and then come back to normal. But what is normal? A normal state for you could be just a less disconnected state compared to what your friend alluded to earlier. Being ungrounded might be your normal state—and not just on occasion.

Your body and mind not working as an integrated whole: that’s what I mean by disconnected, lack of connection with the body, living in your mind…not feeling properly, your emotions—being ungrounded.

These are a few of the symptoms of lack of grounding:

  • Easily distracted
  • Lack of concentration
  • Losing track of time
  • Unable to understand others
  • Difficulty feeling emotions
  • Indecisive

2. Grounding: Relationship with the Legs


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Grounding has to do with our connection with the earth. So obviously, we have to talk about the legs. They sustain us. They alone give us the sense that we can “stand on our own two feet”. Confidence is actually the confidence to say “I am a human being and I can stand on my own in this world, on this earth, as a real person.

I know who I am. I know what I want…and I don’t apologize for it, ever”.This is what we do too much: we apologize for being us, for being true to ourselves. To go after what you want you need to stand up, move—your legs. You need to use your legs. When we lack will-power or confidence we can feel the energy rushing out of our legs.

The best example is when you get nervous during a presentation, in front of a classroom. You start shaking. You sense that you’re not stable. Your legs are going to give in. Great confidence…comes with great feeling in your legs—being grounded.

3. How to Ground Myself?


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You maybe guessed it. You need to move your energy downward, in order for you to start feeling your body and ultimately your legs, more. There’s too much energy in your head, bring it down.

The problem is that it stays in the head too long, and has trouble coming back down again. Here’s how to do it: Stretch your legs, exercise your legs, massage your legs (on your own, or with a professional) and meditate.

The basic strategy is to calm the mind and vitalize the body. And I promise you, your confidence will grow. Believe it! There’s a lot of information out there and on my site as well. Just remember—the legs are the key to your potency in this world.