Beat the Monster - Taking the Negative and Changing it into a Positive

Beat the Monster - Taking the Negative and Changing it into a Positive

Beat the Monster - Taking the Negative and Changing it into a Positive

The hidden feeling of not being good enough or not succeeding is not an isolated event that you have to endure alone. It’s more common than you might think and a lot more deceiving than you could ever imagine. When you look at your career and add certain factors in, it can have two outcomes that can affect your mental approach to your own success. Are you ready? Here we go!

Negative Approach can have Many Faces

negative approach

Manage Fears and Anxieties

One is doubt, a cruel voice that whispers in your ear “What are you thinking? You're not capable of being as good as your competitor! Who do you think you're fooling?” Doubt is normally accompanied by its evil counterpart, defeat. This can talk you into throwing in the towel and calling it quits. You can relate to this. You're probably also wondering “How do I defend against it?” Like you, others too make mistakes. They too have weaknesses, negative feelings, etc. After all, we all are human. We will make mistakes and most of us will learn from them. How we learn and what we do with what we've learned is what separates the prey from the predators. Bringing us to number two!

Positive Approach is an Ally

positive approach

Set Smart Goals

There are just a few friends and family that support ‘team YOU’! Surrounding yourself with the right people, the people that want to see you succeed and offer great advice and spare their valuable time for you. 

There are some that are going to probably shock you but trust me, they support what you're trying to accomplish. Social media is how people of today communicate. And let's not forget, it’s FREE! 

Here is another face scruncher... public advertisement! This can mean different things to different people but it all comes to one thing and that's people! Interesting right? The best, most positive way to get the word out about your product, your name or your business is word of mouth and how you represent yourself in the public eye can mean what you take to the bank. 

So beating the monster is becoming the monster. It means taking the negative and changing it into a positive and using it to benefit “team you”. There will always be critics and naysayers but if you love what you do than do it and the rest will come.