7 Things I would say to My Younger Self

7 Things I would say to My Younger Self

7 Things I would say to My Younger Self

Life is a bundle of contradictions – we learn everything in the process. As we grow up - certain experiences mould us, teach us and inspire us to be the person that we ought to become. So here is the list of 7 things I would say to my younger self that may inspire youngsters not to worry about sufferings in life.

Let me start -

1. Everything is Hard at the Beginning

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Nothing is easy to start with in life. You need to give sometime to adapt yourself to the situations and in turn steer them to your direction. A baby cannot start walking the day it steps foot on the floor – it takes months and years to walk effortlessly. It is hard to do anything at the beginning but when you start doing it and as time passes by, you will realize it is no longer hard and can experience the beauty of routine. Let me sum up the point: for the young sprout to germinate it takes enormous strength to rise up from the earth and that is the hardest process where you can reap benefits later. So whenever you face things that are hard at the beginning, never give up.

2. Life goes On

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As Robert Frost says, “Life goes on” – it holds exactly true to the present scenario. Whatever you do, however the situation might be, whether it could be agony or ecstasy, just remember that life moves on. So treat all situations, conflicts, predicaments and ecstasies with the same contended approach without losing patience. When you realize this, the happenings of life wouldn’t disturb you. However, if you fall prey to the situation – circumstances in life direct you rather you directing them. Eventually you will end up in a deep pit of disgust blaming the situations rather than trying to change them. Here the lesson is simple, life goes on. So take charge of your life.

3. Be Conscious of Whatever you Do

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Many believe that circumstance decide our fate. However, the fate lies in our hands; all we need is to be brave enough to see it. We are habituated to blame the situations that you cannot control. But if we inculcate the habit of doing things consciously, we ought to bring the fate into our hands. So be conscious of whatever you do, because what you think become your actions, actions in turn mould into a character and finally character dictates your behavior.

4. Be Independent

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We are socially programmed to meet the needs of society. So it is our job to identify that and build the life of our own. For that to happen we need to be free and fair. Dependency fosters control and you would be forced to act according to the wish of others. To avoid that one needs to be independent. In order to be independent one must excel in particular set of skills that people actually need. So, develop your own set of skills and be independent to live the life on your own terms.

5. Learn from your Mistakes

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Life is a paradox. To achieve success, one must be a failure first. Mistakes actually pave the way for the right path that leads to destination. Many of us would love to achieve overnight success but the contradiction here is – without a series of failures, nobody achieved success in this world. Mistakes are underrated, one needs to know the beauty of committing them and learn from it to achieve whatever they desire. So, never ignore mistakes – commit them, but never stop learning from them.

6. Never feel Guilty of doing what is Right

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Human beings are vulnerable. We tend to think too much about others feelings by simply ignoring our own. In life, we all would come across certain people who manipulate, exploit and force us to do things according to their convenience. One thing you have to remember is whoever asked you to do, whatever the situation might be – never ever feel guilty of doing right even if it hurts others. Lamenting over the situation that you feel guilty of should be strictly avoided even at the expense of others feelings. To simply put, do what is right and be happy.

7. Forgive

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Forgiving is strength, retaining the disgust in your heart actually hurts you. If you are badly treated, selfishly exploited, cleverly manipulated it is natural for us to pay back the revenge and most of us would fall for this trying desperately to vent out anger and hatred. The secret is as long as you hold negative emotions in your heart; they pull you back and limit you to the core. Just try to forgive others and leave them to their own fate. Because life is a cycle that completes in the end. I am not asking you to be a saint and do them favors, just ignore them - you have a beautiful life ahead.