7 Historical Figures Who Overcame Depression Without Seeking Doctors' Help

7 Historical Figures Who Overcame Depression Without Seeking Doctors' Help

7 Historical Figures Who Overcame Depression Without Seeking Doctors' Help

Depression is a disturbed state of mind due to the deprivation of emotional bonding. Depression is a feeling of dejection and sorrow. It’s a myth that rich and famous people do not get into depression. The fact is that depression can seep into anyone and at anytime. Even the most popular, successful, and rich personalities are not immune to depression.

One can overcome depression and get cured with the help of a counselor and/or a doctor. However, that’s not the only option available for the depressed. One can also beat depression with confidence and determination. Here are seven historical figures who overcame depression without seeking doctor’s help, read on to get inspired by their journey:

1. Abraham Lincoln – (1809-1865)

abraham lincoln

The American politician, lawyer, and 16th President of America, Abraham Lincoln encountered depression twice at the age of 26 and 31. He even got into suicidal tendencies. However, instead of seeking doctor’s help, Lincoln helped himself by taking refuge in humor and jokes. He started telling jokes and shared laughter with all. His humor helped him to connect with people and get over the depression.

2. Siddhartha Gautama (famously known as Buddha) – (563 BCE-483 BCE)

siddhartha gautama

The greatest preacher of all time, Gautama Buddha had once encountered depression when he accidently got exposed to human suffering and despair. He was born royal and his father had done everything to shield him from the suffering of outside world. However, when he saw an old man and other troubled people, he went into deep sorrow. Gradually he decided and set out of royal comforts to seek wisdom and enrichment and that’s how he found the solution to his depression.

3. Franz Kafka – (1883-1924)

franz kafka

The great writer, Franz Kafka was subjected to verbal abuse as a child by his father. Since Kafka had spent a considerably long duration with his father, he gradually fell into depression. On achieving adulthood, he found solace in writing. His writing along with physical exercise helped him come out of depression without seeking any medical help.

4. William Tecumseh Sherman – (1820-1891)

william tecumseh sherman

William Tecumseh Sherman was a Union commander during the civil war. He was not happy with the shortage in supplies and would often complain about it. As a result, he was declared misfit and was sent back home. All the newspapers wrote negatively about him. Sherman went into depression and contemplated suicide. However, he got his post back due to his influential family members. Later, he fought the deadly battle of Shiloh, emerging out as a hero. He took all precautions not to be labeled as ‘crazy’ again. The battle of Shiloh returned him his prestige and took him out of depression as well.

5. Sigmund Freud – (1856-1939)

sigmund freud

The acclaimed Australian neurologist, Sigmund Freud, would often get into anxiety and depression. To overcome depression, he tried a small dose of cocaine which lifted his mood instantly. However, after getting addicted to cocaine as a cure for depression, he was worldly shamed which pushed him further into depression. Since he wanted fame and recognition from an early age, he had been working on psychoanalysis. His research was a success and his name got added in the list of intellectuals. This fame and recognition put depression completely out of him.

6. William James – (1842-1910)

william james

William James, the well-known American philosopher and psychologist himself struggled to shrug the idea of suicide several times. His depression also contributed in formulating his writings on psychology. The one thing that saved him during the attacks of depression was his belief in self. He later wrote that ‘believe in belief’ to overcome depression or any other such attacks.

7. Georgia O’Keeffe – (1887-1986)

georgia okeeffe

Georgia O’Keeffe was a flourished and successful American artist. However, her control-freak husband tormented her internally. She was also fearful of public failure. These two attributes were enough to throw her into anxiety and depression. She lost her appetite and had sleeping disorders. Though she was admitted to the hospital, that didn’t help to fight her depression. Later she took to traveling extensively which worked a miracle and she finally recovered from her depression.

Depression is the blockage of positive thoughts and anyone could fall into its depth. You can avoid depression by avoiding seclusion and isolation.