25 Greatest Historical Motivational Speeches

25 Greatest Historical Motivational Speeches

25 Greatest Historical Motivational Speeches

From the beginning of the civilisation, various speeches had influenced people as discussed below:

1. Blood, Sweat and Tears

speech 1

On May 13, 1940, Winston Churchill made people believe that England was in capable hands and will develop.

 2. What to slave is the Fourth of July?

speech 2

Frederick Douglas spoke out the hypocrisy of the country for the celebration of freedom which was mired by slavery on 4th of July, 1852 in Rochester.

3. Decision to go to the Moon

speech 3

On May 25, 1961, President Mr John F. Kennedy declared to put the first man on the moon.

4. 40th anniversary of D-Day

speech 4

A moving tribute was delivered by President Ronald Reagan on June 6, 1984, to honour the rangers who fought from German attackers for two days.

5. Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Award

speech 5

William Faulkner gave a very scared nation some hope on December 10, 1950, in Sweden.

6. Resignation Speech

speech 6

A speech was given by George Washington in 1784 about tendering his resignation. It was a very emotional speech.

7. The Man with the Muck-rake

speech 7

Theodore Roosevelt’s one of the most important speech in which he guided the man and his era on a historic day in 1906.

8. Address to the Nation on the Challenger

speech 8

On January 28, 1986, President Ronald Reagan delivered a speech honouring the astronauts soon after their shuttle was consumed in fireball.

9. The Third Philippic

speech 9

Demosthenes call upon action as Philip was boldly advancing on Thrace.

10. We Shall Fight on the Beaches

speech 10

Winston Churchill boldly stated that 'we shall fight in France and we shall fight in the seas and ocean' on June 4, 1940.

11. Duties of American Citizenship

american citizen ship

Roosevelt said that people must not excuse from politics and everyone should enter it.

12. Farewell to Baseball Address

speech 12

Lou Gehrig was presented with gifts and trophies for his record-breaking performance on his retirement due to his declining health on July 4, 1939.

13. Inauguration Address

speech 13

John f. Kennedy embodies the fresh optimism because of which people believed that the nation is going in the right direction.

14. Speech of Alexander the Great

speech 14

He delivered a speech in 326 BC to his men after the defeat from king Porus to stand up and continue to fight.

15. Nez Perce Chief Joseph

chief joseph

He gave this speech after the people came to know about that he had to move to a reservation in Idaho.

16. Abolition Speech

speech 16

 William Wilberforce delivered a speech as to why the slavery trade must be abolished.

17. Duty, Honour and Country

speech 17

General Douglas gave a speech inspiring others to tread the same course he did and serve the nation.

18. Quit India

speech 18

Mahatma Gandhi started the act of Quit India Movement which helped the country to get its freedom.

19. Their Finest Hour

speech 19

Churchill’s speech boosted the people of England to make their dark time better one during the battle of France.

20. Funeral Oration


Pericles delivered the speech as a beginning of Athens and to make people believe that their heroes did not die in vain.

21. Give me Liberty or Give me Death

speech 21

Patrick Henry delivered his speech for Virginians to ban the act and to strengthen their defences with quoted line. 

22. Citizenship in a Republic

speech 22

Roosevelt spoke about how democratic countries could stay tough and powerful and be idols of other nations.

23. I have a Dream

speech 23

Martin Luther king Jr. Addressed about the equality among white and black Americans and worked as a message of hope.

24. The Gettysburg Address

speech 24

Abraham Lincoln addressed the speech after the battle of Gettysburg in which 8000 soldiers died.

25. Sermon on the Mount

speech 25

The greatest speech by Jesus Christ which was given for the peace in humanity.