6 Tips to Communicate Without Words

6 Tips to Communicate Without Words

6 Tips to Communicate Without Words

Don’t you think that action speaks louder than words? Communicating ideas and thoughts without words is not a difficult task; the body also plays a crucial part in communicating as the brain is in constant touch with the body. Your body reflects the thoughts and feelings going on in your brain.

Though there is verbal and nonverbal communication to vent out our feelings but the confidence of a person can also be revealed without words through his body language. Check out for some tips to communicate without words.

1. Smile

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A smile can do wonders. It is that nonverbal mode of communication that raises your spirits whenever you feel low or dejected by reading or watching something funny. It brings a smile on your face and puts you in a positive state of mind. When you are elated, your confidence level also boosts up. The smile on your face is a gesture which shows that you are more compatible with others leaving a positive impression on them.

2. Posture


The communication of the brain is not only linked with messages received from the face but also from all over the body and giving signals to the different parts of the body which react accordingly. Slouching or leaning indicates your laziness or disinterest in the work you are doing. Whereas walking with head held high, spine straight, shoulders rolled down and breathing deeply in a relaxed manner convey signals of confidence raising your self-esteem.

3. Relationships


Without words too, you can gauge relationships with your body language. One can judge from the gaze of your eyes whether it is of compassion, anger, hatred or sad. Sometimes it is difficult to express through words but easier with your body language. The dilated pupils and the inviting gaze of the eyes are sufficient enough to portray sentiments and emotions. Dishonesty and lack of interest are the signs when there is a lack of eye contact.

4. Body Language Facts

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Persuasiveness and trustworthiness are the keys to being successful at the work place. For this, your body language or your nonverbal communication can be more powerful than your words. You can boost your confidence and aggressiveness by the manner you walk or behave and also by appearing cool while you give presentations will help you to put forth your best.

5. Facial Expressions

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Listening is as important as speaking so you should be conscious of your facial expressions while listening and speaking. If you stare blankly while conversing, it might appear to be a sign of rudeness. Avoid negative body language. Indulging in negativity will make you frown or shuffle your feet which will hamper your performance or attitude so sparking positive feelings will help you out from the negative state of mind and smile will definitely guarantee positive expression.

6. Keep your Body Language Open

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Keep your arms at your side and stand with your legs apart. Do not cross your hands and legs as this reveals your nervousness and lack of confidence. Maintain a strong hold along with a solid base by standing erectly with legs apart and hands by your side and try to own the space around you which will communicate the feeling of strength and power and there is nothing to be afraid of.

Various gestures of the body indicate something or the other of human nature. These can be positive as well as negative but they do have an impact which reveals the inner self.