Is it Depression or Just Disappointment? Handy Tips to Detect

Is it Depression or Just Disappointment? Handy Tips to Detect

Is it Depression or Just Disappointment? Handy Tips to Detect

When you are sad, how is it possible to tell if you are depressed or simply disappointed? It is important to know as depression can be treated in a number of ways and can do less damage to you if it is recognized.

Here are a few things you can do or ask yourself in order to better identify if you are depressed or disappointed.

1. List the Reasons for Which You are Upset on a Piece of Paper

list reasons

Sometimes, writing things down can help you see the reality through the help of strong emotions. List down the reasons that you are upset for on a piece of paper. Try to think if there was anything that you could have done differently. Be realistic in your expectations. If everything seems a matter of chance then this is something to take to heart. Analyze what you have written for a better, more realistic assessment of your feelings.

If it appears on paper that you have little to be sad about, perhaps it is just a minor disappointment and the feeling will pass quickly. If the paper shows you are being unrealistic with your expectations, then you may well be depressed.

2. Is the Reason for Your Sadness Something You did Wrong?

is the reason for your sadness

Are you upset because of your actions? Did you do something deliberately that soured the situation? Are you simply unhappy with how the evening went? Try to detach yourself emotionally to view your contribution to your feelings from a clinical perspective. If you simply made a mistake and things didn't turn out the way you would have liked, then it is something that you can learn from.

If things were impossible to control, then you should note that as well. After these observations, if you are still feeling sad, it is possible that it is clinical depression.

3.  Are you Sad Because Something Happened that you weren't Expecting?

something unexpected

If the day didn't go as planned because something unexpected and random occurred, then relax. This is the disappointment. It can happen. Realize that you can't control everything in a situation and give yourself a little time. We all get disappointed sometimes. Next time may well be better.

4. Are you Suddenly Finding Yourself Very Introverted?

are you feleing introvert

Are you isolating yourself? Hiding out alone in your house or apartment? Withdrawing from society when you are normally more active can be a huge warning flag for depression. Check with your psychologist or spend some time with a friend that you trust and talk it out. Hiding out alone is okay for a little while but you don't want to do it too often. Talk about your feelings for a better chance of managing them. It's worth it.

5. Is there a Temptation to Abuse Drugs or Alcohol?

tempation to drugs

This is a large red flag. If you are feeling the temptation of losing yourself in drugs or alcohol, it may be best to talk to a doctor. Once you start abusing substances to get through depression, it becomes very easy to make the same mistake again. Get help. Depression is serious and you owe it to yourself.

We hope these questions and tips will help you in determining if you are disappointed or depressed. Hang in there, folks. You'll get through it. Remember, like the old saying goes, this too shall pass.