14 Frugal Living Tips for Large Families

14 Frugal Living Tips for Large Families

14 Frugal Living Tips for Large Families

A family is a temple of positive energy. The parents are sculptors who shape children's future. Usually, a family consists of a father, a mother and 2 children. The income of the father will be enough to take care of two children. What if the family is a big one? It will be difficult to make both ends meet.

In that case, we have to find out several ways to lead a frugal life. You have to plan how much to spend for education, home, travel, and entertainment. It is better if you have a monthly planner to note down the monthly requirements. Now let me  explain to you some of the awesome ways to lead a frugal life.

Cultivate your Own Vegetables and eat Healthy

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Before you think of leaving your house to eat out just remind yourself of the negative consequences it is going to bring. Why don't you cultivate some fresh vegetables in the vacant space on your balcony?  It would help you to kill two birds with one stone. Isn't it? You can save money and at the same time eat veggies which don't have chemical content in them. You can also have a small poultry farm at your house and relish the yummy taste of grass fed chickens!

Drink Milk or Homemade Juices


For keeping our children healthy give them two glasses of milk (I do that every day). If possible extract juice from fresh fruits grown in your garden. Give them one time in a day. The rest of the day, let them drink water. That is the way to keep them strong and reduce on doctor fees. Feed them nuts as well which are a huge reservoir of energy.

Buy all Groceries and Food Items Once a Month


This is perhaps the best way to escape spending a lot for these things. Plan and buy things in bulk. Say, for example, decide on how many  groceries you require for a month. Except for milk and some other perishable items you can really stock enough quantities and can become a spendthrift. 

Don't Throw Away Leftover Food


How much ever we try to cook only the required quantity there will be leftovers. Nobody will be interested in filling  their bellies with these leftover foods. So if I have leftover food in the morning I will cook it for lunch and serve it along with other food. But the only thing we have to keep in mind is that these foods don't last for a long time. It should be cooked as early as possible.

Buy Good Quality, but Fair Priced Clothes

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It is a fact that our children should dress nicely. But at the same time check for the fair price cloth shop.  It would help us to save on clothes we and our children wear. Sew clothes for children if you have some knowledge in sewing.

Organize your House

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It is the best way to find out treasures which are hidden in your own house! We would have bought some item and kept it out of our children's reach. But after some time, it would have escaped from our mind. So save a little money by decluttering your own house. This will definitely help you to get a lot of needed things.

Reuse Plastic Bags

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Zip lock bags are ideal bags to carry snacks and other eatables. Instead of throwing them away, wash them and use them again the next day. This will help you to save money on plastic bags

Save Some Money on Rent

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If you have two boys and three girls why do need a mansion? You can just hire a three bedroom bungalow. One for you and your husband, one bedroom  for your daughters and another for your sons. Aw! You have wisely saved a lot of money on rent.

Choose a Cheap Cable


Some sort of entertainment is required for everyone. But why spend a lot on them? Get rid of cable which charges a huge amount and chose one which satisfies your need at a low cost.

Use Cloth Diapers


Of late paper diaper has become an alien concept! Instead of buying costly diapers from the supermarkets,use cloth diapers, which are a cheaper replacement for them

Give Natural Food to Your Babies

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If you are a mother (without giving a second thought) breastfeed your babies. Instead of formula food, prepare home made food which will boost babies stamina.

Restrict your Mind a Little


Don't let your temptations rule over you. Keep them on  your toes. Avoid unnecessary buying.

Take Membership in Local Amusement Centers

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Instead of spending every time you go to these amusement parks, get a membership which will save some money for you.

Go Sightseeing Only Once or Twice a Year


It is always exciting to hit the road to new places. But only one or two times in a year.

These are the 14 ways by which will help you to save money.