Thoughts on Living a Good Life

Thoughts on Living a Good Life

Thoughts on Living a Good Life

Living a good life is not an easy task in our life span. There are many obstacles come to our way to destroy our happiness in life. Hence lading a good life is challenging for every human being. But still there are some ways which we can implement in our life to live a good life. These are:

We Need to Examine Our Life and Need to Engage With It

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Life is not too long and we need to enjoy it to the fullest. We need to examine our life through some reason and should understand that it is the nature’s greatest gift to humanity. To examine our life is very important in each and every phase of our life. We need to continuously in search of new pleasures and new destines to reach with our mind so that we can feel happy and to get a spiritual pleasure in our life. If we examine our life through reason , it helps us to participate in life and let us to think ,appraise and explore the world to get happiness in our life.

We Need to Worry About the Things Which we Can Control

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This is the golden rule we need to remember in our life. We should only be worried about the things which can be influenced and can be changed by our actions but we should ignore worrying about the things which is beyond our capacity to control. We cannot control the outcomes what we seek in life but we can control our responses to that outcomes. If we can apply this rile in our life we will be able to live a good life.

We Need to Approve of Ourselves

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It is quite natural that if we don’t approve of ourselves, we will not feel comfortable .In other hand, whatever we do, if we approve ourselves we feel relaxed and are able to gain inner freedom to do more what we really want in our life. We should not look for the approval of others.

 Lighten Up and Have Some Fun

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We need lighten up our life and to have some fun to bring happiness in our life. As we know laughter and humor is a good therapy to have a good life. They can turn any serious situation in our life into something so that we can laugh. Even lighter mood helps you to have a better space in our life as it is not filled with negative emotions. When we are light hearted we can handle any problem in our life easily.

We Need to Treasure Friendship

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As human being is sociable in nature, they need the association and affiliation with others. Friendship helps us to share our things with them. Friendship need to be nurtured and treasured with trust and amity so that we can live a good life.

We need to Live Life in Harmony and Balance


We need to avoid excess in order to maintain harmony and balance in our life. Even good things can become a source of misery if it is not attained with moderation. If we cannot avoid excess, it will destroy our harmony and balance and we will not be able to live a good life.

There are many things where we need to focus so that we can maintain balance in our life and can live a good life. To be happy in our life, we need to be responsible human being. We need to be honest with ourselves and need to be prepared to assume responsibility.