Developmental Mistakes Millennials Can and Need to Correct in their Workplace

Developmental Mistakes Millennials Can and Need to Correct in their Workplace

Developmental Mistakes Millennials Can and Need to Correct in their Workplace

For the past few years, millennials have dominated our workforce. So employers need to understand their behavioral patterns and modify the workplace accordingly. However, the onus of adjustment lies equally on the shoulders of the millennials themselves. They need to understand the common mistakes they make at the workplace and rectify them accordingly.

While growing up, the environment of millennials was very different from other generations prior to them. Exposure to technology, understanding of parents’ behavior and incredible amount of peer pressure during the formative years has made them different. More sensitive than any other generation, they value their independence and family life. So they want more engagement and commitment from their employers.

If you are a millennial, these are the pain points you could try to address, to succeed in your professional life.

1. Looking for Validation

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Millenials look for quick appreciation and acknowledgement of deeds immediately. As a millennial he fails to understand that endorsement from employers is not necessary to move on to the next job. If he moves on to the next topic, he is more likely to get the same appreciation and validation.

2. Waiting for Mentor

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Mentoring is very necessary to guide career growth of any millennial. Though companies provide mentoring options, maximum can be achieved by hiring a personal mentor. A mentor of their own choice will better understand them and help them grow both professionally and personally.

3. Relying on Others for Motivation


Millennials tend to rely on others for motivation. They look at outside factors like boss, colleagues, or team members for motivation. However, they should look within rather than without to get motivated and give 100% to task at hand.

4. Low Opinion of Managers


Millennials tend to hold their managers in very low esteem. They need to understand that for career growth, they need to take their managers into confidence and build a relationship with them. This will motivate the managers to always care for them.

5. Rejecting Helpful Advice

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Millennials might be the dominant workforce, but they are certainly not the most experienced. So they get lots of advice thrown at them for various quarters. And millennials are expert in reject advices after labelling them unhelpful. However, it remains to be seen whether you are collect

6. Expecting Training from Employer

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Millennials understand the importance of acquiring on-job skills. What they refuse to appreciate, is that employers will not be able to provide the training always. They need to do that at a more personal level to get services tailored to their specific needs.

The average age of millennials in 2016 is 30. So they are going to join the workforce in larger numbers. Employers need to communicate with them and establish their needs and expectations of a job, employer, and work environment to keep this pool happy and satisfied.