Eureka Defines Happiness

Eureka Defines Happiness

Eureka Defines Happiness

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'The Five S' of SUCCESS

The mantra of being happy is to unleash your inner ‘eureka moment! What is “Eureka”- it is simply crafting your own ‘wow’ moments and not leaving your happiness to chance. So how does one go about being joyful every single day of one’s life?

What do “Eureka” moments do for us?

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Things to do for Peace of Mind

Eureka moments stir the direction of our life, impelling us to make small or big life changes. It motivates us to find a new job or get a promotion in your existing job; it helps us mend broken relationship or find a new hobby … the list is endless.

Spiritual coach Meadow Linn says, “Start small when you are discovering your eureka moments. Happiness can grow and blossom into a beautiful bouquet; but first, it starts as a tiny seed. Plant the seeds of happiness, then nurture them each day. Begin by reveling in seemingly insignificant objects and moments. Perhaps it’s the perfume of a vibrant flower, or the way evening light dance across the sky before sunset. Savour these moments. Once you start seeing beauty and magic in everyday life, you’ll begin to experience them in all areas of your life. The life answers or intuitions you get while enjoying little things will further expand your life path.”

Blogger Annilda Esterhuysen discovers eureka in little moments every single day, “it is a state of mind, thought, a conscious choice”. Sitar player Anoushka Shankar says she would like to create her eureka moments this year by “staying connected to my inner core, and projecting my own unique light outwards”.

Providence or Karma

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How to Accept the Change

Greek mathematician Archimedes found his Eureka moment when he established a very important principle in physics. Each of us has our own definition of happiness and ‘special moments. Finding the inspiration to discover the self is a “eureka” moment. Spiritual coach Katja Rusanen, aptly explains how… “The two most powerful words that can empower us—just us as much as it can knock us down—are: I AM. Your happiness or sadness depends on what you attach to these words; because whatever you attach to I AM, is who you will ultimately become. If you give power to the negative, negativity will be repeated, and if you give power to the positive, you will create eureka moments every day”.

The secret lies in repetition. Find the time on a regular basis to repeat the happy moments. Fashion designer Kiran Uttam Ghosh says, “you meet your eureka moments when you take breaks through the day, by doing new things indulge in the unknowable essence that exists. My eureka moment could be creating a new outfit or drinking a cup of chai. Sometimes, when I’m overwhelmed, I focus just 10 minutes on tidying my perennially messy handbag, I know it sounds silly, but that’s when I get great insights.”

The Universe is our silent friend…

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Boost Your Self Believe

Eureka may also be gained when one suddenly comprehends a previously incomprehensible problem. The joy one experiences then is the “eureka” moment. In their book, The Eureka Factor, neuroscientists John Kounis and Mark Beeman talk about how there is that one moment of pure joy that anyone can experience, regardless of circumstances – when a fog clear and you have a rare insight to a problem which you didn’t have before! That’s your moment, the moment when the clouds clear to allow the rays of the sun to illuminate your mind and being, and in the bargain, reveal the ‘elusive’.

British hypnotherapist and professor Ursula James says, “All you need to create a eureka moment is to make space and time in your mind to let ideas flow spontaneously. You have the power in your mind to create these Aha moments.”

Yoga coach Mini Thapar says, “For me, there needn’t be something extraordinary to find my Aha moment. I get my euphoric fix from the complacency that sets in, while living my everyday routine.

Your ‘wow’ moment usually comes when you least except it. Researchers over the years have concluded that much of what is considered as ‘creative folklore’ actually has its foundation in rock-hard fact. There are firm reasons why we get our best ideas in the shower or while gazing at the ceiling.

It is a myth that “eureka” moments just happen like that. The fact is that people who experience them have created the atmosphere where they happen more often.