10 Best Techniques for Sensitive People to Live Normal Lives

10 Best Techniques for Sensitive People to Live Normal Lives

10 Best Techniques for Sensitive People to Live Normal Lives

Sight, smell, taste, sound and touch are the inborn senses in a human being and the right equilibrium of these senses makes a person normal. However, there are some people who are oversensitive, which indicates that their sensory organs are hyperactive. Such people are called Highly Sensitive People or HSP’s and their response to stimuli like sound and smell is very different from that of normal people. In fact, they are quick to perceive to even a tiny bit of extra as in loud noise and distinctive smells, and also exhibit overwhelmed reactions to them. As such, life is not normal for them, but surviving this hypersensitivity is actually possible with certain lifestyle changes.

Here are the 10 best techniques for sensitive people to combat their stress and live normal lives:

1. Eat Right


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Eating the right kind of food at the right times is a great way to prevent sensitive reaction in people as a hungry stomach makes you react adversely to negative situations. Small and nutritious meals throughout the day ensure a steady blood sugar level, which in turn has a positive impact on brain activity as well as concentration. In layman’s terms, staying full keeps sensitive people in a better mood.

2. Sleep well

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Just like hunger unnerves people, particularly the sensitive ones, sleep deprivation makes them uneasy and irritable. Essentially, at least eight hours of sleep is required by a normal person to be in a good state of health. Conversely, lesser sleep means that a person loses his productivity and concentration, while a restful body and mind can cope up with stress. Also, proper routine is good for sensitive people as they live better in a scheduled lifestyle.

3. Know your triggers…..and avoid them


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Sensitive people should know their triggers, the situations and things, which land them into problems. Some react adversely to loud noises while others cannot simply tolerate visual violence as on television or films. Once they know their triggers, such people can do better by keeping a distance from them. For instance, noise protection headphones may be a feasible idea for noise sensitive people.

4. Meditation


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A positive solution for sensitive people looking to live a normal life is to practice meditation. This is not only a great way to get rid of negative thoughts and reactions, but also strengthens their mind to cope with stress. Sensitive people can take out half an hour everyday and meditate in a quiet corner of the house.

5. Planning


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While triggers can be avoided by sensitive people at home, the problem arises once they step out of their comfort zone, like on noisy roads and public places. They can plan ahead to minimize the stress as they go out. For example, a good way is to avoid rush hour traffic and also going to public places at odd hours, so that they face nothing that challenges their senses.

6. Detox once a while

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Just like the body needs regular detoxification, the same is required for the mind too and this becomes all the more important in case of people who are hypersensitive. Such people should take some time out and to go to a quiet place where they can simply unwind and de-stress once in a while, so that they are ready to face the challenges of normal life once again.

7. Exercise

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Making some easy-going exercises like walking and swimming a part of your daily routine is a good way for sensitive people to live normally. Such exercises relax the body and mind as well as impart internal peace and strength to such people. They use the strength to combat their triggers.

8. Be verbal


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Sensitive people tend to keep things in their minds and talk less, but sharing their feelings can help them lead a calm and happy life. They need to look for a person who can hear them out patiently and also encourage them to deal with their sensitivity in a positive manner.

9. Professional help

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In case sensitivity is taking too much toll on a person, it is advisable to seek professional help so that the problem is not aggravated in the long run. A therapist can help such a person to reduce the adversity of his reactions to his triggers and emerge less affected.

10. Learn to take sensitivity in a positive light


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Last but not the least, it is very important for such a person to focus on his strengths rather than weaknesses. Realizing that sensitivity makes a person more receptive to things can be a good way to deal with it. Also, it has been seen that such people are more creative as compared to others.

A sensitive person is different but not weak as compared to normal human beings. The fact is that he has been blessed with the power to perceive and manifest things in a stronger way. This does not mean that he cannot lead a normal life. Rather, he can adopt these positive changes in his daily life and live a better and happier life.