How to be Optimistic Among Negative Critics?

How to be Optimistic Among Negative Critics?

How to be Optimistic Among Negative Critics?

Criticism is a part of the package called life and every person is likely to face it at some point or the other. The secret lies in dealing with negative critics in a positive manner and emerging as the winner, proving your worth to your critics. While some people criticize you to make your better, others do it to discourage and dissuade you. Comprehending the difference between constructive and negative criticism is what helps you determine the way you should deal with it. Dealing with negative critics can be particularly challenging, but once you learn to do it, life is steered in the direction of personal growth. Optimism is your biggest strength in such circumstances.

Here are some tips on how to be optimistic with negative critics:

1. Handle it Calmly

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Source of Calmness

A calm and collected attitude can be the biggest asset when you come across negative critics. Taking criticism in your stride is the most optimistic way of tackling it as you can focus on improving yourself rather than pondering over what has been said to you or against you by your critics. If you get aggressive with your critics and try to hit at them, it will stress you out and also hamper your personal growth.

2. Be Ready to Learn your Lessons


Lessons About Success

Negative criticism is tough to handle, but those who are able to see it in a positive light and improve upon their shortfalls can actually benefit from it. It can be a blessing in disguise and give a new direction to your life, provided you are willing to take it optimistically.

3. Prove your point with Action rather than Words

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Actions to Up Your Self-Confidence

When people criticize you, the best way to deal with it is to prove that they are wrong. Ideally, you should prove your point by improving yourself and overcoming your shortcomings so that the critics do not ever get the chance to condemn you again. And what better way to do it than by adopting the changes in your life.

4. Try to Ignore

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The Art Of Being Alone

Another positive way to face negative criticism is try to ignore the ones who irritate and instigate you. The ability to ignore negative comments and not react to them can be your strength as it enables you to forget criticism and continue working on self improvement. Not retaliating is a sign of maturity and you appear as a better person in front of others.

5. Be Clear with your Views

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Life Changing Thoughts

Clarity of thoughts is another quality, which helps you face negative comments with a positive outlook. Being precise and straight forward while dealing with the criticism can actually earn you respect, even from your critics. On the other hand, if you lack clarity about your thoughts and actions, you end up confused and unable to cope with negative critics.

6. Look at the other Perspective

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Change in Your Life

It is always good to step into the shoes of the other person and look at things from the other side of the glass. If someone criticizes you negatively, he might have his own reasons and good ones. The idea is to try to understand these reasons and take them as the basis of improving yourself so that they may not do the same in future.

7. Don’t let them Cross their Limits

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Knowing your Limits

If you are convinced that you are ready to take the bull by the horns and will not take negative criticism, then don’t allow the critics to cross their limits, particularly when they are going overboard. Never let these people tarnish your reputation and take necessary steps to confront them if needed.

8. If they are Right, Accept the Criticism Gracefully

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Build Inner Strength

Being optimistic in negative situations is a good thing; remember that your critics may not always be wrong. Be honest enough to admit when your negative critics are right and accept criticism gracefully. This is the biggest sign of optimism and helps you deal with negative critics in the right spirit.

Being optimistic and seeing things in a positive light can be a life-saver for anyone. It can help you emerge unscathed from the most negative situations and criticism. Once you master this art of positivity and optimism, life can become happier and you can better yourself in any which way.