12 Steps to Accept Constructive Criticism in the Workplace

12 Steps to Accept Constructive Criticism in the Workplace

12 Steps to Accept Constructive Criticism in the Workplace

Everyone has to go through criticism sometime or the other at work place though it is not appreciated by many but if considered positively it can be the stepping stone for your progress in future.

Few steps mentioned in this article will help you to accept criticism as a tool for polishing your performance which will help you to come out with flying colors.

1. Accept Criticism Positively

criticism 1

Do not take criticism as a grudge against yourself. Think positively and be rational. There might be some flaw for which you are being criticized. Accept your mistakes.

2. Think of Your Critic as Your Well-wisher

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Be thankful for the criticism received after accomplishing any task as it would want to bring out the best of you.

3. To Err is Human

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Do not think that whatever task you have done will be perfect and you cannot make mistakes and nothing will go wrong. Having this perception is foolishness. You can go wrong so accept no one is perfect and learn from your mistakes.

4. Revise and Review

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Give a final touch to your project or task assigned by revising carefully before submitting it and try to find out your own silly mistakes instead of others criticizing your work, so double check your work prior to its submission.

5. Listen Carefully

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Take down notes and listen carefully regarding criticism of your work and keep it in mind not to make the same error in future and can fix the problem yourself. Admit your responsibility regarding work-related errors.

6. Lessons Learned from Criticism

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Just give a thought over the whole process along with criticism and think what you have learned from criticism instead of being defensive and getting angry.

7. Don’t Take it Personally

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Criticism can be a boon for yourself; don’t mount the pressure of it on  yourself that you are not appreciated or liked by your boss but maybe it the boss would want to ensure that you to do much better.

8.  Agree with Criticism

criticism 8

To execute positive results, it’s better to accept what others are pointing out the mistake done by you as feedback makes a person more experienced and knowledgeable. You may get positive and negative feedback at the workplace but focusing on negative feedback and accepting it and working on the solution of the problem can create an amiable environment at the workplace.

9. Don’t hold a Grudge

criticism 9

Getting angry, grumbling or getting frustrated will not help you out. It will rather affect your performance in future.

10. Clear the Air

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Instead of getting upset by the criticism let your boss know your point of view and get the things cleared by understanding your own drawbacks. This will strengthen your relationship and also there will be no ill feelings lingering between the two of you.

11. Accept the Fact that There is a Reason

criticism 11

If you are being criticized; there might be a reason behind it, which you might come to know later on, or it might be beneficial for you in future or something better might be in store for you.

12. Accept the Fact that Others may be Right

criticism 12

It happens that sometimes minor errors skipped by you might be visible to others to which you might not have given much heed. So accept the fact that others may be right and look within yourself.