Boosting your Mood the Easy Way

Boosting your Mood the Easy Way

Boosting your Mood the Easy Way

Often people suffer from bad mood, and to overcome that everyone obtains different ways to boost their mood from negativity into positivity. You can naturally boost your mood with many activities which are scientifically proven to enhance your mood and well-being.

Activities that Psychologically Proven to enhance your mood



Dancing is indeed a very good mood enhancer and very effective way. Dancing also improves the social skills and self-confidence. As per the psychology today, dancing is a form of stress-relieving physical activity and needs a lot of focus.

Smelling Nice Aroma

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Smell is a powerful sense which is linked to emotions. Aromatherapy is a very powerful way to enhance your mood. Any natural oils can be used to relax your mind and soul, but it’s proven that citrus scents are best to enhance the mood of a person instantly.

Getting a Good Laugh


Laughter is a good medicine, not only does it enhances the mood but also reduce stress and relieves pain. When you’re laughing a feel good and healing hormone such as endorphin, dopamine and serotonin are released, also making the brain more alert.

Turn on the Lights


Some people tend to get moody and sad during the winter or cold days and being gloomy, as per research it is found that light therapy is very effective way to enhance the mood. Brightening the surroundings with lighten up your mood and make you positive.

Running or Physical Exercise


Indulging in running or going to gym improves the mood of the person as physical activity alerts the brain and improves blood circulation. Boosting the brain releases of endorphins feel good hormone that can improve mood and well- being of the person and decrease anxiety.

Giving a Hug


It is said that there is a healing power of touch. It has to be proved that this friendly touching can lower stress hormones and it also boosts the release of the hormone oxytocin, a hormone which promotes social attachment in certain circumstances also known as cuddle hormone.

Healthy Food that helps to Boost Mood

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Apart from the activities food also acts as a mood enhancer. As per scientific research different food enhance different types of moods such as if you are irritable then it is advisable for you to eat food rich in calcium, as it is said that eating or drinking calcium reduce the irritable mood, such as Greek yogurt, cheese.Calcium is a chemical which enhances the physical and mental health.

Chocolates, cupcakes and sweets enhance your sad mood, Food high in Vitamin D are known to sustain energy such as meat, fish or eggs. Folic acid and Vitamin B 12 is both mood enhancer. Less intake of these minerals in your diet leads to depression.

Overcoming Negativity

The food you consume and the lifestyle of a person can determine the moods as well, thus, it is necessary to boost your mood and drive away the negatively with the few tips mentioned in this article.